18 Jul 2017

MY FAVOURITE YEAR 4 MEMORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY AINA

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Parties were one of my most favourite memories in year 4 .They were always so fun and I always won lip sync battles.I will always miss the fun we had with our teachers on our parties.My favourite part of the parties were the games  and food. Even though we will still have parties I will never forget the ones we had year 4 they have been the best ones I have so far.


Wow days were  one of my favourite. We always had so much fun. We would cook and eat and have fun!Sometimes I almost cry  of the thought that we are going to a new class.My favourite wow day was  the road trip USA I was the 1st  one  to know all of my states.OH!I will miss our wow days!!!!!!!


Sea life center was one of our well known trips.I loved sea life center.It was so much fun.THE sea creatures were mind blowing.I couldn’t take my eyes of them they were cute and terrifying.One of the sea creatures even splashed water on my face.My favourite part was the 4D movies they were really good and also wet since we got splashed by water a lot.


Now I would like to thank my teachers for teaching me .Thank you Mr Allport and Miss Hiscock for helping me learn through out the year I will always remember you. You have been supporting me through out my days it has been a pleasure being with you and being in your class.


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