Holiday In Wales

A few months ago me and my family went on holiday to Wales. It took us 2 hours to get there. When we got there, we went to a holiday park in Caernarvon called Glan Gwna. We stayed a little chalet[cottage].

When we were inside, I was really tired. I slept for 3 hours. On the next day we went to the beach. On the beach, was a bunch of rocks. The beach was really big. It had a big rock tower-I climbed right to the top. In the middle of the tower was a bunch of holes. Inside the holes, were crabs and oysters. When I was walking on the beach I saw a whole crab. I also saw a bunch crab legs. After that, we went home.

                                                     SNOWDONIA NATIONAL PARK

The next day me and my family went to Snowdonia National Park. Before we climbed the mountain, we went to eat at a fish and chip shop. After that, we went to the the high street. Then, we went to climb mount Snowdonia.Image result for snowdon

On the way there, we saw a giant castle.

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All about Tony DiTerlizzi

Image result for chronicles of spiderwick illustrationsThis is a biography about Tony, the illustrator of The Spiderwick Chronicles. He is an amazing artist that draws amazing creatures for books. He’s a very talented man. So this is one of his most famous art work,the common house Brownie:

Early Life:

Tony was born in L.A, California on the day 6th of September.Although he was born there, he spent most of his youth growing time in Jupiter, Florida. He had two other siblings (a sister and a brother)and was the oldest of them all. Tony went to elementary, middle and high school during his time in Florida. As well as that, he went to several different colleges: Florida’s school of arts and had received a degree in graphic design at The art of institute of Ft.Lauderdale in 1992.


Tony was illustrating for books for nearly two decades (20 years), starting with younger children picture books to chapter books. With Holly (author of Spiderwick books) he created a middle-grade series The  Spiderwick Chronicles, which had sold thousands of copies; it had been translated into a movie, which had been sold to 30 countries.


  • For being such a famous illustrator, Tony had been on a couple of TV shows: Time magazine, USA today,CNN, PBS, the BBC and the today show.
  • He is 47 years old
  • His spouse is Angela Diterlizzi
  • He has one young girl called Sophia Diterlizzi
  • He’s an American artist
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From:                                                                                           Sent: 23rd September 10:56                                                                                                               To:                                                                                                   Subject: HELP ME!

Dear Lizzie,

Hello dear- this is your afraid mother. I need urgent help. Your fellow sister (Rapunzel) has gone crazy! She constantly refuses to let me up the tall tower unless I give her my precious jewels.                                                                                                                                       The ones, I must remind yo , which were given to me by my now- dead mother…                 I can’t hold this rage anymore- she’s too demanding; she wants the whole world in her grasp! Rapunzel ,who has taken everything from me, is now wealthy (she even has boys falling at her feet), please help!

– Jenna

From:                                                                                             Sent: 24th September 16:09                                                                                                                 To:                                                                                             Subject: Solution!

Dear Jenna,

Oh I’m super sorry to hear this but I might have a solution!

It is very strange how Rapunzel is naturally well- behaved while I’m around; perhaps she will be to ashamed to act like a breed monster while I’m there. So… may I come mother? Please! I would love to see you and my little sister Rapunzel- again.

– Lizzie

From:                                                                                         Sent: 24th September 19:36                                                                                                                 To:                                                                                                   Subject: Great Idea!

Dear Lizzie,

I would love for you to come, but I ran out of jewels, so I can’t get up the tower! She took advantage of this: unexpectedly she brought over a tall, handsome man to the tower. On the other hand, I don,t know where to go… unfortunately, you can’t stay forever but I need you to come soon.                                                                                                                                   Love you! xxx

– Jenna

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Tony Diterlizzi- a short biography.

The famous author and illustrator, Tony Diterlizzi, was inspired by dragons, space monsters, goblins and insects and this has not changed since he was a kid. He was born in Los Angles, California on September 6th, 1969. He spent a majority of his youth growing up in Jupiter,Florida. He has a younger sister and brother.

Tony Diterlizzi attended Hobe Sound Elementary, Murray Middle School and South Fork High School growing up in South Florida. He went to several colleges and received a degree at The Art Institute of Ft.Lauderale in 1992. 

 Tony Diterlizzi’s Favourite things:                          

Favourite colour: brown                                                                                                           Favourite food:                                                                                                                              peanut butter and jelly sandwiches                                                                                     Favourite ice-cream flavour:                                                                                               mint chocolate chip                                                                                                                     Favourite picture book:                                                                                                           “Why Mosquitos Buzz In People’s Ears?” by Diane and Leo Dillon                 Favourite chapter book:                                                                                                         “Mouse and the Mortorcycle” by Beverly Clearly                                                     Favourite band:                                                                                                                     The Beatles                                                                                                                               Favourite telly show:                                                                                                           The Muppets

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Missing Person Report

All of the year six children quickly rushed outside into the dull, battered and old quiet area. “Children we need to investigate where Mrs Murad could have gone- all we have found is her hand bag,” exclaimed Mrs Nisar, who was trembling with shock. There was silence. The children’s curiosity began to grow.“Well what’s in the bag ?” the children- who were curious- searched the bag and found a plethora of evidence; but there was no phone. “Maybe the police could track her phone…” suggested a tall, pale boy quietly.

Mrs Hussain rushed to the office to call the police, ”We have to call the police!” she panted as she gasped for air. She sat in the hand-made chair and sighed with relief as a cup of coffee was handed to her by the office staff. “I can’t believe she’s been kidnapped, it’s disastrous!” she cried as she got up and left the room.

Finally, the police arrived and they had a large, scientific robot by the door. “Her phone number, please” he eyed the teachers in a strange way.The staff (who were very scared of this strange officer) rushed to the room- and gave him the number. “Cheers.” He strode down the corridor. “Can ya stop annoying me, kids!” he yelled as children began to follow him and pester him for information.

Abruptly, there was a loud beeping noise coming from the robot. BEEP! “He’s found it!” exclaimed the officer and sprinted down the alleyway and was followed by the boy- they created a cloud of dust as they sprinted towards the destination. There was a strange silhouette in the doorway; the officer slowly stepped into the room. The boy followed.

It was a never-ending  search: every edge of the building was combed, but still no head teacher. Suddenly, there was a creaking noise which echoed through the building. They crept behind a shiny crate (which was a good hiding spot) and stayed there, hardly daring to breathe. CREAK! The door opened.There was silence. The boy’s heart was beating like thunder as the strange silhouette sniffed out the boy’s fear. After what seemed like forever, it left; the door shut. There was sigh of relief. The search continued until they finally found Mrs Murad tied up to a metal chair. Her eyes filled with tears as her eyes met with her rescuers.

The next day, there was an enormous assembly for the return of  Mrs Murad: everyone cheered “HOORAY!” and the boy was gifted with the medal of honour.

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Holes Sequel

Stanley peered out at the frosted window, which was splattered with icy rain. He could see the gigantic glaciers towering over the violent dark,sea. Polar bears roamed the desolate blanket of snow surrounding them. He was in the middle of nowhere: he was surrounded by crystal-white waves. Stanley could see a big board saying: ‘Welcome to Frozen Sea Prison.’

His feet crunched as he stepped off the ship onto a blanket of frozen snow. The warden was a lady, her name was Mrs. Miss,”Welcome to our new place”she roared. Stanley stepped out of the ship; he could see Arctic foxes running around and polar bears trying to get some food. ” You start making your own igloo” she shouted at Stanley. The warden’s unruly orange hair looked like flames blazing around her head. She had a long,pointed face like a bird. Her hawk-like eyes surveyed Stanley menacingly. There was nothing else to do except from making igloos.The environment was dangerous – it was almost impossible to survive there. Wearily he started to make an igloo because it was necessary to survive.

A few days later, the weather was colder: it was -38 degrees and everyone stayed in their igloo except for Stanley,he continued to work in the ferocious weather. The wind whined through the trees and bent the top branches.As days passed, Stanley became ill as a result of the freezing temperature and there was only one way to fix his illness: the medicine cabinet, which was locked, had all the medicines. Stanley was in danger.

He started slowly and put some power into it, seconds later a light turned on: the warden! The warden quickly ran on. But, the warden actually felt sorry for Stanley; she couldn’t wait to open the door. She saved him.

Even though the warden had revealed her kind side; she still was back to her normal self in no time. “Now- get digging- all of you!”

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Story of Stanley- a Holes sequel

Stanley looked through the white, frosted windows. Giant glaciers were coming closer to him; the shifted mountains topped with white icing glimmered in the sunlight. It was peaceful until the violent waves shook the ship with fear: there was a risk of the ship capsizing. The waves roared as the polar bears camouflage themselves for cover. Finally, they they reached the destination:it was desolate.

As Stanley trudged down the wooden, oak stairs, he was spotted by the warden.The warden- who was sitting in her cosy office- was waiting for him aggressively with bright red eyes. “Sit down!” she was furious. The boys (who shrunk down with fear) wanted to run away. After two hours of the rules being laid, they finally went back out into the open cold air. The snow-covered ground was sparkling in the sun, but it would soon be destroyed by Mr. Sir and the warden (who owned a mining camp). The warden stalked out of the office in her blue coat, brown wellies (with fluff all around them) and thick layered pants. The warden’s dark hair was pulled back tightly to her head and fastened at the nape of her neck in an enormous wooden spike. “Remember your camp number!” she exclaimed.

It was another one of those days where Stanley had to dig the ice, this job always tired him out. Everyday he became weaker; he never had a shower because when he came out he was as cold as the ice that surrounded him. Suddenly, the warden ran in, “There’s an avalanche coming!” she echoed.

Shocked, everyone ran to their igloo, but that didn’t help as it fell closer every second. Fearfully, Stanley began to dig. But it was too late- it crushed a few igloos and the white snow charged like a soldier on a horse. The ice around his igloo broke down as the avalanche took him down.

What seemed like hours later, Stanley carefully opened his eyes.He couldn’t believe what was  in front of him the building was reflecting the sun’s shine,he couldn’t believe it he was back home. Slowly he walked on to the surface and shouted, “I’m back!” as he skipped along the road with a grin. He saw the same shoes on the ground but didn’t bother touching them.For Stanley it was a new beginning.


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Oliver Twist story

Early one freezing morning, Oliver (who was walking for many days) knocked on the withered door; adjacent to it was an enormous iron boot scraper shaped as a frightening hell-hound. The door slowly opened and there was a battered, old man standing there, “Another orphan! Where do you keep on coming from?!” he thundered, his emerald green eyes looked like long grass swaying side-to-side. His wrinkled, dry face looked as old as the house, his raven black hair curled like black fog invading his head. “Please sir,  I’ve got nowhere to go,” Oliver calmly whispered, the old man saw his diamond eyes persuading him to let him enter.

”Ok, come on in!” he boomed. Oliver scrambled into the room. SLAM! The door shut. “Firstly, I want you to you to meet the boys: children come down!” the loud-pitch voice made the house shake. Abruptly, what seemed like hundreds of little boys rushed down the stairs all the way to the old man, “Everyone meet …” silence. ”BOY what’s your name?” Fagin shouted loudly.“Oliver,” he whispered “Everyone meet oliver!” he bellowed. “Oliver met John, Edei, Edd, Alex, Oliv and George…” Fagin pointed a dirt-encrusted finger at each of the scruffy boys.


After lunch, Fagin had to say a word to Oliver. They went into the basement whilst the children did the laundry, “Oliver, if ya want to stay, ya need to pick a pocket or two…”  he spoke quietly.“But I don’t know how to?” Everyone froze and stared at Oliver as they ate their burnt sausages.“It’s ok, sonny boy, we’ll teach ya!” He bellowed as he pulled out an enormous withered box. “It’s only a game, Oliver, only a game!” He took a deep breath. “So are you going to?” Oliver hesitated as all the other children stared at him. “Yes sir,” Oliver simpered as Fagin laughed loudly, “what’s your name?” Oliver questioned as he held the cup tightly.“The name’s Fagin- at your service,” he rasped as he prepared to show Oliver how to pick pocket.

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Image result for ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim, Islamic calendar, a religious annual observance and month of fasting that is considered to be one of the Five Pillars of Islam. During the month of Ramadan, adult Muslims fast from dusk until dawn, unless they are ill.
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Camp Frozen Lake- a Holes sequel.

Stanley stood up and looked out of the steamed-up window,which felt as cold as a skeleton. Blankets of snow surrounded him. A cold gust of wind flew across him. The eerie silence wanted to put him to sleep. The place was desolate: the only thing he could see was a fluffy, pale-white polar bear camouflaging in the snow that was like an icing on a cake. SPLISH! SPLASH! SPLOSH! The crystal, white waves crashed against the ice berg. Hail stones rushed down fiercely- they drummed on the roof. The clouds brushed the blue sky away. CRUNCH! CRUNCH! CRUNCH! Stanley climbed out of the majestic ship at last.

As Stanley looked around he could see fluffy Arctic foxes chasing each other. His face turned pale white, as he shivered with fear: there was a cloaked figure walking slowly towards him. “Heya boy, ready to build some igloos?”shouted the figure. “My name is Emily!” she shouted as she stomped heavily through the snow. Emily took all of the inmates and showed them around. There was a wooden, brown sign that said, “Camp Frozen Lake.” There were lots of  shovels by the sign. “You need to build igloos where you are going to live for the next 18 months.” She exclaimed, as her voice echoed in Stanley head. He was out of his mind- he felt like crying. He wanted to go home! As he walked on the frosty ice, he could feel the cold spreading through his body. “GET STARTED!” roared the warden. Stanley sat on the side, watching his fellow friends (who were also from Camp Green Lake) working hard.Stanley wondered how he would survive and if he could escape from this jungle.

A  few days later, there came a huge sneeze from outside of Stanley’s igloos. “HACHOO!” One of  Stanley’s best friends had a very bad fever. However, the warden locked the medicine cabinet because it was only for her. Baked by day and chilled by night, his best friend James was frozen like a statue. As night fell, Stanley checked if everyone fell asleep then he went in and broke the lock. Then the door was open by the warden, she saw the broken lock she screamed. He knew he was in serious trouble…

Out of the blue the warden hugged him and his ill friend.

“HERE TAKE THIS AND FEED IT TO HIM. I’m not selfish.” Stanley hugged her. She gave Stanley a small smile, but his blue feet remained blue from the cold.

Although she revealed her kind side; she remained strict as ever and work continued like normal the next day.




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