Audience – Who/Where are you?

Welcome to our new class blog. We will be using this blog to showcase what we do and to connect with people from all over the world. If you are reading this post from outside of the Montgomery community, please leave us a comment telling us who/where you are. We will reply to any comment left.

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Year 3 Singing and Ukulele Performances

Two songs performed by children across Year 3. The first is a traditional Native American folk song about a canoe and the second is a traditional French song about a monk (a religious person) who has overslept and is late to ring the church bells!

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The Marvellous River Cole

 In the morning, we went to the the local train station by four stops until we reached Yardley Wood! The sun was shining down onto the river, creating what looked like glitter in the river’s current.

We had a snack and that’s not all… we also played some games. Our favourites were rounders and the parachute!

But, hold on a sec, we did take a look at the river and all of its glorious features… we saw meanders, the river bed and the river banks. The water was very shallow. We even trekked down a ravine, and we dipped our feet into the river! It washed off the dirt from our wellies.

We had an incredible lunch and saw some dogs on our walk (we definitely weren’t scared). The best bit of the trip was when we played rounders in the sunshine! Cya soon! Zak and Raza.


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Alma’s Journey

Silently and alert, Alma sneakily crept down the eerie and narrow road. All was quiet and Alma’s feet were treading on the soft, white scattered snow. A strong gust of wind blew next to and on Alma, her body was trembling as she tip-toed quietly until she stumbled across a peculiar, deserted shop. She knocked timidly on the door and then gazed at the humongous shop… after a while it still hadn’t opened, so she walked away but the door slowly creaked open. Alma baby stepped in, she gazed upon a vampire toy on a bike which zoomed over to the shop door. Alma accidentally stepped on the toy as it rushed past her, it led her eyes to a weird doll that looked exactly like her: “How peculiar!” Alma cried.

To be continued…

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What I did to celebrate Eid! Eid Mubarak everyone!

What I did to celebrate Eid was I went to my parents’ house and I joined my family for cake and treats. Afterwards, my Mum had a ticket to go to the cinema, so we wanted to watch the new Transformers movie, but it wasn’t out! Instead, we watched Pirates of Caribbean – Salazar’s Revenge! Then, we went to a rock-climbing facility, we climbed over 14 walls! One of them was three times the size of the classroom! It was a great Eid for my family.

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Eid Al-Fitr

Eid is a celebration for Muslims around the world. Eid is also the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) birthday. A prophet is a person that we look to, to help us practice our religion in the best way. Eid is a festival of sacrifice.

My family and I celebrate by going to people’s houses and we also go to do Eid prayer. Lots of food is eaten, fun and games are shared. It is a very happy time, as family and friends share gifts with each other. I had a very wonderful time with my family. Thank you for reading. 

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About my favorite subject

My favorite subject is, science. I like science because it is fun and experimental. I also like health and fitness.I like health and fitness because it is sporty and it involves my favorite hobby which is football. Also, it makes us very healthy and encourages us to do sports more often.

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In the Easter holiday, I had a fantastic time in my life. So I am going to tell you what I did. Do you want to now what I did?


On Saturday, we went to see my cousins house because they were going to a different country,we didn’t go to all of them because not all of them went.

On Sunday, we went Lickey  Hills, I had a great time with my family. So, first we went in a dark woods we meet nice people in the woods, and we saw dogs. In the middle of the woods we got  lost, so we saw the red colour to get out of the woods, then found the way out of the woods. Finally, we climbed a hill, and then played in the park.


On Tuesday, we went to the park then we got my sister from work.

On Saturday, I was at home, and it was a sunny day, so we went to the park for a long time.

On Sunday, I went on a wedding then I come home, and my dad went to get my cousins, aunties and uncles from the airport then we went to see them.


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Doing the apprentice project!!!!!!

So, in the apprentice project the whole class thought about superheroes. Then, miss explaned how to do it. So, miss explaned then we started to do our own. We were so excited! As soon as we did the whole thing we preformed it out to the whole class.

Then, we painted our superher logo. Then, we let it to dry. Then, whoever did the best one that group gets to show their apprentice things to miss Put and Mrs Woodwood their apprentice!! The winners are Rahaf, Owais, Kelsie, Ali Hamza and Ismaeel!!! WEII DONE!!!!!!!

By Aizah!!

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All about our day at Castle Bromwich cricket club

It was Montgomery vs holy family  when we were fielding. Adam caught some out and again Adam bowled someone out. Ibrahim bowled two people out and it looked like a tough match. Saad bowled  someone out too. When we were batting,  Saad hit a four and Ibrahim and Hamza, finally Kasa then sir told us the score. Our score was 213 and holy family score was 223.

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The Cat Mummie

The Cat Mummy is a great book as it is both hilarious and emotional at the same time. In this book Verity (the main character) shouts at poor Mabel (her mothers pet cat) because she accidentally got sick on the floor and Verity steps inside of it, but after Verity shouts at her she goes missing and Verity finds her at the back of her closet but Mabel turns out dead. 🙁 That’s all I can tell you and I hope you enjoy the book bye!! 🙂

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