What is QuadBlogging? Any ideas?

QuadBlogging is a partnership between 4 classes across the globe. Here is a short video produced by pupils in 4 different classes across the world that explains what QuadBlogging is:

You have been partnered up with three other classes of Year 5 pupils from New Zealand, Qatar and Manchester. Here are the links you’ll need to visit:

International School of Qatar – Visit their blog HERE.
St. Joseph’s School, Rangiora in New Zealand – Visit their blog HERE.
Aspull Church School near Manchester – Visit their blog HERE.
And of course your blog – That’s already here!

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laiqa’s horror setting description.

Drawing to a hault, Kate found herself at a delapidated,ancient building.The sight of a pool of blood made Kate tremble with nerves.The house was drawn out of  the inescapable fog with the stench of rotten human blood.CRUNCH! Kate stepped on a piece of glass that was shattered by the possessed  evil laughter of thunder and lightning. Jerking her head upwards, Kate heard the screech of bats in agony as dead bodies arose.Kate leaned on a prickled and yelped in surprise.Entering the building, the creak of  the door could be heard from miles.

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QuadBlogging 1st Task…

It’s important for your visitors to know as much about your school and the are you live in. Without giving too much personal information away, your task is to create a blog post about one of the following things.

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My time travel opening by Umayma

Continue reading

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Black Death:The Black Death

The Black Death arrived in Europe by sea in The Middle Ages,October 1347 when 12 Genoese trading ships docked at the Sicilian port of Messina after a long journey through the Black Sea.The symptoms of the plague were situated in the groin,armpit or neck,tender and warm to touch and sudden onsets of fevers and chills.Also,headaches,fatigue or malaise and muscle aches.

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Online Images by Nafis

Online images are sometimes bad and if you put an image on social media, people might hack you.People might find where you live by going on social media and going on google maps.People may rob your house by going through your social media.

Image result for cyber bullying

Image result for cyber bullying




















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The dangers of social media(and tips)

Today we have been learning about e-safety ;however, the images online . Does every picture tell you the real story?Some pictures do not even tell you a story.Image result for cyber bullyingYou do not know if they could be inappropriate.It might even hurt your feelings. How about if they have bad words for example stink or ugly.

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Year 5 Fractions

We have been learning about mixed numbers and improper fractions this week.
Refresh your memory at home and show off your conversion skills at home. 🙂

Post some conversion questions in the comments below for others to answer!

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Thank you letter

In this letter I am going to thank all the important people in my life.Firstly,I want to thank my school for giving me a great opportunity .The opportunity to learn.Some people do not appreciate all your hard work but they do not know how lucky they are to have this opportunity.Most children in the world do not have the opportunity to learn when we do.Second of all,I want to thank my  family and friends for always standing by me when I needed them.Every time I feel upset you would turn my frown upside down and if your reading this you should know I would do the same for you.Last but not least, I want to thank my teachers Miss Farell,Miss Jehangier and Miss Causon. Every day you teach me something new and you should know I am so thankful for every thing  you do.

Image result for thank you


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Today our class was working on E-safety . We were looking at images on-line.  Images online can be pretty dangerous especially when people you don’t know are lurking about.Some horrible people can screenshot your photo and save it in their gallery and you won’t know a single thing.Here are some examples of social media that you should be aware of:                                                         1.Facebook             2.Snapchat             3.Instagram                                 There  are  many more but  these are the  main ones.                         If you do know  any  more  don’t go on them because you might be  to young or inappropriate videos or photos might come up .      You  wouldn’t want that to happen so always remember E-safety.

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We headed down to pumas class on tuesday ,7th Feb.We met incredible but also scary creatures because people believe that they caused the black death .(actually fleas did !).


These nasty but cute,adorable creatures came in different shapes and sizes .There are various amounts of breed of rat.Many of them came in different coloured fur.Some had red eyes which represent that they can not see well compared to other rats.Most had black but some have dark red and red.Many rats are top-eared rats and some have ears like ours .The rats that have ears like ours are called dumbos.The most common type of rat is the black rat.


Many people say you are always 6ft away from a rat .This saying was made because there are more rats than people in the UK!There are different types of rat because of there fur .There is one called

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Our thoughts

Made with Padlet
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Listen to some book reviews!

Two girls from year 5 recently reviewed “The Worst Witch – All At Sea” by Jill Murphy. Click on the link below to hear their opinions!

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My day at school by Sahell khan

Gas particles are separated flying around. Liquid particles are separated moving.

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My day at school by Yaseen

Dr Who landed in Pandora and sped behind the bush.After that,he explored the city Pandora “I’m in awe “of the exotic arona.

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My space work by Nimrah

I am learning about space,it’s quite interesting because you get to know great facts like Pluto is the biggest asteroid or Tim Peake has honoured our Queen while in space.I like astronomy because I am bursting with facts.

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My literacy work by Habibah

Walking out of the navy blue Tardis,Doctor Nate looked around and saw an exquisite sight of the magical land Pandora.He wandered around Pandora with his pitch black shoes.Doctor Nate was feeling hungry so he picked an exotic,ripe mango from an emerald green tree.As Nate wlaked to a collossal ditch,he saw a tribe of strange,crystal blue and very tall people.”I wonder what those are?”asked Nate to himself and hid behind a bush.

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my Pandora setting description by Laiqa

On planet Pandora, there are unique animals that roam around to find their prey . Bloodthirsty dragons ferociously rip each others heart out.

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my sentence by Inayah

We eat red berries. “My sister is Bea” said Jas.

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My sentences by zainab

Waxing Gibbous the moon appears to be more than one half  but not full illuminated by direct sunlight.The fraction of the moons disk that illuminated is increasing.

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My English work by Nafis

Dr Inter,had grey,curly and matted hair that clung into his moist neck and had crystal blue eyes which shined like stars.Dr Inter could hear the screams of the hunted prey that lingered in the air.

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My day at school by Eisa

My day at school was fun.I was doing a cold write [ a story that you have not worked on] and it was really fun. Our topic is about space and space is really cool! I like school because it is really fun!!!

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My Literacy Work By Adam

As the doors of the tardus slid open, the doctor stepped out.Quickly he scanned the area for hostiles with his queer drone.When the scan was complete, he proceeded on through the neon blue bushes.The doctor rushed through the forest and paused at a clearing.He heard a anoying noise comeing from the bushes.

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my best work by Taeba and Khadija

The taste of tangy lime trees shielded the queer planet Pandora with rustling leaves whilst the aroma of flowers flooded the land.The gnashing of the dragons teeth as they feasted on their prey!

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Pandora:Saving Zackdora by Eldon

“Where does this Blood-bottler thing live?” Elekta questioned as she continued to sob.         “He lives at the boarder of our city which is the capital of Pandora.It‘s called Pandorville,”replied Sandora.                                                                                                                As he was in shock,Neil said”Well we better start moving.”

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My literacy work by Umayma

Landing on the magical kingdom of Pandora,Dr Jekyll explored Pandora.It was so hot that he felt like he was roasting.Dr Jekyll heard the gnashing of the dragons teeth as they feasted on their prey and saw the dragons long,scaly wings as they faded into the starry night.Dr Jekyll wore a pitch black suit and had brown fuzzy hair.As he carried on,meteor showers thrashed down rapidly.As he ambled,he found himself in front of a turquoise humanoid.

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My literacy work by YUSEF[first paragraph]4 sentences

Zooming up into the sky,the spaceship went past the red planet Mars and CRASH!!!The smoke of fire spread out on a emerald green planet.D.W[DOCTOR WHO] jaws dropped.He was in…                                                                                                                                “pandora,”speeched D.W,”im in planet pandora.”


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Audience – Who/Where are you?

Thank you for visiting our new class blog. Please spare one moment and leave a quick comment telling the pupils who and where you are in the world. Any comments left will be checked by a teacher before being shared with the pupils.

Thank you,

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