Audience – Who/ Where are you?

Welcome to our new class blog.

We will be using this blog to showcase what we do and to connect with people from all over the world. If you are reading this post from outside of the Montgomery community, please leave us a comment telling us who/where you are.

We will reply to any comment left.

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Scratch Games

Try this fantastic computer game made by Aleena AKA Dianorock on Scratch! Can you score a point without the defender blocking your throw? Read the instructions before you play!

Check out this very informative game about children’s rights by Aaminah AKA Prestosali! Use the arrow keys to control the UNICEF RRS logo.

How about a bat and ball game? Use paddle in this game by Waqaas AKA Mohammedw to try and hit the ball to gain points:

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Summer School at King Edward`s School by Lubna

I had an an amazing 3 days at King Edward’s school. I had lots of fun  activities like  pond dipping, sports, crime scene and much more. I wish I could go there again, so I have to work hard to get in at that school .Here is my report .


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finalists win medals ! by suhana

hurdle race winners

Yesterday on the field the sports day finals took place and 3 girls won 1st 2nd  and 3rd place and a girl came 2nd place and her name was Suhana who is in crocodiles yr4 . She said ‘ I’m so happy that I  came 2nd and not 3rd ‘  and another  contestant   said ‘   I’m a bit  sad because  I came 3rd and I wanted to be 1st place’    and it was amazing because  their parents got to come and  congratulate their child and take their child’s  photos and to also make them felt happy.



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by ibrahim the haunted mansion venqulist mummie

At night Ibrahim woke up at 9; 00 clock and he snuck like a burglar when he went in the haunted  mansion. The door shut closed SMACK! all of a sudden the stairs turned into one giant ramp and the statue of the gargoyles came to life and they all  went to a pile of food like chicken, rice, nuggets, curry,apple, pear, orange, banana and one giant and colossal sausage and a enormous and delicious burger. Just then, a mouse turned into a bat and the chalk board turned into a enormous sumo and just then Ibrahim exploded it.But just then a mummy came out of the grave and bit Ibrahim on the arm and he started bleeding as he ran he put a plaster and then he shot there.

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I am almost at year 5 and I want to tell you about my year 5 teacher.So my year 5 teacher is Miss heaven and I had her in year 3 .she is very kind and very nice!!!!!I am looking forward to have Miss Heaven in year 5 because she helps people out when they are stuck and she helps you out a lot!!!!

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I am almost at year five and I want to describe myself to my year five teacher!First of all I am very kind and I am sensible and I have very good manners.Next my favourite hobby is football and cricket but if I had to choose one it would be football!I love all subjects in school and I can write very neat and very quick in the subjects!I love chrome books and I have to give them out.I hope you like me in year five!!!

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suspence…by Ismael and Ahdam

As momo entered the cursed temple, he saw a mysterious tall shadow luring in the corner, With his  heart pounding, he entered the temple,not knowing if he will ever come out alive.. the groaning sound got louder and louder.suddenly he fainted .to be continued…

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Haunted village by Aaminah and Rabiah

” dont you go to the spooky village at night you dont know what is there. ” said mom

” ok ”  said  Lilly and jasmine. At night the girl snuck out to HAUNTED village . When they got there they heard frightful sounds ” OOOOOOO ”  Aaaaaa ” they both said they saw frightful figures in the distance . They saw scary things running about they were terrified . The wolves were howling in the  the moonlight until they came to a house the house had cob webs and spiders crawling about. Lilly hated spiders . The girls went inside the spooky house  and suddenly the door slammed closed .  It was as dark as a hole in the ground they were locked in……………………………………











they  arrived there they heard frightful sounds ” OOOOOOOOO ”      


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The haunted forest by KIAH and SONIA

Kiah took  a great big deep breath she nervously  took a few steps towards the forest. KIah slowly stepped forward . Inside she saw spider webs,dust,dirt. Kiah was trying to be brave she carried on walking ahead she saw  a strange figure walking towards her …

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The creepy haunted house…..

As Ravyar wandered back to his house, he caught a tiny glimpse of  the creepy building… as that’s what people says. “Pfffff! Bunch of nonsense! If I want to go inside THAT house, then I will!”he declared. 

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Haunted house by Lubna and Hasanah

As Milly squealed with  excitement,she secretly snuck out to find the haunted house behind the village.It took a long time to reach the haunted house.By dawn,she finally arrived to the spooky house.As she walk in,she could see cobwebs and all of a sudden a vampire  jumped out of nowhere…

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Mario and the HAUNTED CASTLE!!!!By Bushra and Mario.

Mario took a deep breath,as he stepped into the castle.There was an eerie sound in the background.He saw a shadow creeping up on him…IT WAS A GGGHHHOOOSSSTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It circled around him!

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Suspense Writing

We have been working on adding suspense to our writing by using short sentences, repetition, empty words and a lot of dramatic vocabulary.

First we analysed how other authors use these features in their writing.

Now we are going to give it a try ourselves about this haunted house.

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The banshee By Aleena and Inaaya

The teeth is sharp as a razor his teeth as red blood his eyes are black his eyes are red.His tail is long as a elephant the sky was as grey as smoke his claws are sharp as a witch point nose. The body is as colourful as a rainbow

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The Great Leonoptryx by Ahdam and Jamal

This harmful creature with bright orange wings that can fly higher than a helicopter and can fly faster than a plane.

This powerful creature with sharp teeth that can rip of his predator into pieces.

This orange creature with his razor sharp claws that can rip of there predators head of!!!


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The Banshee by Bushra and Rabia

This friendly creature,with turquoise skin,as blue  as the tropical ocean.The wings were as huge as a thing!dining table.It is as huge as a whale.It flies gracefully throughout the skies.The claws are as razor sharp as a sharp-bladed dagger.The wings swoop around and the wind of the wings can blow out anything!

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The magestic creature, bloody stained and devil eyes  and bloody wings,as razor sharp deadly claws and is as fast as a jaguar and cheetah combined. it is basicly the fastest DRAGON ON THE UNIVERSE!!! and it can KILL! you in one SLICE! Its just so mad it can fly higher then a eagle and any other DRAGON or creature on the is the one of the most of DRAGONS that is TALENTED! and KILLER! i hope you can recognise one any were. 

.p.s. THEY ARE MASTERS OF DISGUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 







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The Thanator by Lubna and Mailkah

This ferocious creature with blood stained claws ,as sharp as a vampire teeth stabbed his prey claws are sharp  as a razer sharp dagger ready to sink an an animal and he can’t wait for his meal.It’s skin  was as scaly as a crocodile’s back.Please  comment!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Thick skinned Hammer Head Tythanasaurus by Aaminah and khadijah

This vicious creature is as evil as a devil.It has deadly teeth that spits out poison and has a spiky, scaly and a rough back.It’s face is as green as a Ogre and its color is bleak,grey and dull.It’s head is as big as a bulldozer!! It’s legs are as thick as a tree trunk,and it’s jaws are as sharp as a razor dagger. And some times it camouflages in the forest.It’s jaws are as pointed as a lions  teeth.




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The Thanator by waqaas and hamad

The powerful creature with razor sharp teeth  had silk skin to camouflage in the dark green leaves. His swashy tale swings like the string while he pronounces across the floor. His nose smells the aroma of the beautiful food that  people bring for their picnic! The food fills his tummy less than a second .He pounds if he sees food  in front of his face.He chews up meat from his fat throat. He rips up animals  skins and goebbels it down as fast as he could.

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The great leonopteryx by Haroon and Ayaan

This mean creature fire flamed wings swoops down with its huge claws to catch its terrified prey its wing makes it feel terrifying .His nose can sniff its prey coming towards him.As big as a giant .His claws are as sharp as daggers.

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The banshee by Suhana and Mariah….

The banshee swooped down to get his prey.

The vicious banshee whooshed down in the Amazon river and caught some slimy fish.

The banshee’s wings were as blue as a blueberry.

The banshee tail was as thin as string.

The banshee’s body was as blue as the sky.

The banshee’s baek was as long as a giraffe’s neck.

The banshee’s eyes were bigger the a human’s.

The banshee’s tongue was as red as a cherry.

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The Great Leonoptryx by Ibrahim and Ayaan

The blood sucking Leonoptryx was pointing out his claws and scratching his prey and killing animals like a murder on the loose stealing  jewls and money. Its scaley body was as thin as a meerkat. the horn of the creature was like the horrible rhino.

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The Banshee by Ismael and Wali

The evil dragon was flying over padrona looking for the next unlucky victim with sharp talons and his razor sharp wings were as big as a blue whale. The long tail was as big as big benPlanning our writing…

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Drafting our writing…

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Planning our writing…

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Our descriptive ideas so far…

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Audience – Where are you?

Made with Padlet

Click HERE to view the Padlet full screen

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Pandora – A World of Wonder…

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A trip to Clent Hills!

Y4 were admiring the view on Clent Hills. Please read their recounts of the trip.Clent Hills was quite good,if it was sunny!It was so muddy that it looked like we were playing stuck in the mud!I was so happy when we reached the summit!

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