Little Red Riding Hood – the real story.

Who was Little Red Riding Hood?

If there were ever a story that was never forgotten it  would be Little Red Riding Hood.Over many,many years it has  been turned into a variety of different versions. who knows what the well-known story would be like in a thousand years time. However, recently the  story that is circulating our bookshops is about a little girl who is sent by her mother to take some food to her ill grandmother;she does not know what is lurking in the forest: a wolf!
However,the other version of Little Red Riding Hood is not what you expect it would be like;  in short  Red Riding Hood is not the character that you come to believe she is .This story is much, much more tragic!Think to yourself  are you prepared to read this story? Remember, Red Riding Hood is a selfish girl who does not listen to her mother.If Little Red Riding Hood were to be re-written,you would be left breathless-or shocked -I can’t decide which. Anyway,read on to see what happens…

Who is Goldilocks?

If there ever were a story that had never been forgotten then it would be…Goldilocks. You may have heard of a frizzy,little girl called Goldilocks and her peculiar wild side. It all started when Goldilocks stumbled upon an ancient cottage. That unforgettable day, her hair blew in the warm breeze as she strolled closer;the moon rested  on the velvet sky like a pearl in an oyster.That is where she met the grotesque,snotty and hideous fairies . It came to be that the story was told  over 3000 years ago and it has turned up in many other versions since-some quite gruesome,others not so much!

This isn’t the first time I’ve treated a plethora of my favourite fairy tales to a makeover:in Rapunzel and the kidnapping,our heroine(an old woman) frees people from the evil clutches of Rapunzel. But,never has Goldilocks been turned into a villain before ! There are many stories that have have been followed and many people have questioned how the original story came to be. If Goldilocks were to be rewritten, then many would be left traumatised. Only read on if you’re  prepared to have your mind blown in an upside down world,where nothing is as it seems…


Today we had sports ( PE ) which was fabulous ; we started with a warm up – it was a game . Firstly , when the sports coach says “play” we walk and when he says “fast forward” you guessed it : we run. Finally , he says “pause” which means stop . After that, we do our main lesson : Hockey ( not always hockey ).Then , we had a match  after practise . Sadly ,my team lost!
Do you like sports ?  I know I like it !


In science, we have been learning about circuits.We did an exciting experiment to see:
How does the length of the wire effect the functioning of components in a circuit.                                                                   We used different lengths of wire and lit on the bulb.Next,we covered with sheets of paper to see which one needs the most sheets of paper to block the light completely.The longest wire (which was 55cm long) needed less paper to cover the light completely.This happens because the resistance increased.It was very fun to do the experiment and I can’t wait to do some more!

Time Table Rockstars.

Make my time tables better, I’ve been going on time table rock stars.
It has been very fun and is also very good education too!                                                                                           You get timed on your time tables and earn money too(not real money of course!)
What is also very exciting about rock stars is that you can verse your friends too!
Isn’t that exciting?At the moment I am on the leader board(tenth place)
I’m trying my hardest to get to first place!Fingers crossed!


What is a shadow? Who knows?
A huge blurred friend stood besides me,

It’s sometimes big and sometimes smal; it’s sometimes not there at all,
And it likes to play hide and seek…

There is nobody like my shadow,
When the clouds come out she likes to flee,
But when the sun arrives she likes to peek,
The dazzling gleam besides me,
Is my friend you see.


Members of the public,respected colleagues and judge Gaston,I stand here today to present the case for the closure of Camp Green Lake.I represent the voices of the inmates.My name is Stanley Yelnats III.As an inmate myself,who is fully aware of the harsh conditions,stand with pride and conviction.
During their time at Camp Green Lake,all the inmates wake up at the unsociable time of 4:30AM. All of the inmates including myself,have four minutes to shower with extremely hot water.It was like being cooked in a sauna.After a quick,unwholesome breakfast, inmates collect a shovel to start another difficult day of labour. Despite the scorching temperature,a plethora of inmates have to dig holes which are approximately 5-ft deep,harsh conditions  are in place because inmates are not allowed any breaks until sunset,their evening meal;the only exception is at midday when they are permitted to speak  and are forced to stand in the heat in silence.As a result ,all the the inmates have been treated in a terrible and horrible way,so the camp must be closed.


In year 6 we  have been learning  about circuits . We have been learning about electricity. For example:buzzer,open-switch,closed-switch,battery,motor,voltage,load and more.We have been drawing circuits. Also we have been doing experiments  about how to make the light bulb dimmer by putting on paper- the estimate of papers that we used were 7 ,7 for the  5cm length of wire ,5 for the 30cm and 4 for the 55 cm.

my fantastic day tommorow

Me and my friends are really excited about the party tomorrow; we can’t wait to play games,dancing,eating and best of all,watching a movie! This will be the most fantastic day in year six so far! We are going to sing a song called White Christmas- we love it!It will be the most fantastic day ever; we will bring food and have a lot of fun.


The holidays have finally come !I just can’t wait to have fun and play-especially tomorrow. Tomorrow I am going to my cousins house and we are going to have pizza.What are you doing in the holidays?

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