Grilla Bear


The Grilla Bear is the most dangerous animal in the world. It has the body of a polar bear and the legs of a gorilla. This means it can climb well, and live in the cold areas.


The Grilla Bear eats meat, so it is a carnivore. It eats wolves, humans and tuna. It sneaks up on its prey and catches them with its sharp claws.


It lives in the Arctic circle, where it is freezing cold. It can also be found in North Greenland. It likes sleeping in caves at night, it is awake in the day time.

Did you know?

Did you know that the Gorilla Bear has 100 razor sharp teeth?


The Bearbird has big wings. They can fly very high. Bearbirds have sharp teeth and dagger like claws. They have a big mouth to eat their prey properly.

Bearbird is carnivore. Bearbirds eat fish, rabbits and zebras. Bearbirds hunt in the day time because at day time other animals are weak and that time is when Bearbird hunts his food.

Bearbird lives in forests, mountains and rivers. Usually they live in rivers because Bearbirds eat fish for most of the year. Bearbirds mostly inhabit cold areas like the Arctic because they do not survive well in warm weather.

Did you know Bearbirds don’t often eat humans but they could if they wanted to?

Bird worl

It has a half bird body and a wolf head and eagle’s legs.


It eats fish and bulls with huge horns. When food is scarce, they have to eat buffalo!

It lives in the forest and next to the sea because it likes to catch fish. It likes to live in the forest so that it can catch deer to eat and camouflage in the trees.

Did you know It can run up to 100 miles and hour?

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