Year 3 Singing and Ukulele Performances

Two songs performed by children across Year 3. The first is a traditional Native American folk song about a canoe and the second is a traditional French song about a monk (a religious person) who has overslept and is late to ring the church bells!

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The amazing day out at the River Cole!

In the morning, we went to the local train station and caught the train we finally made it to the river Cole. The sun beamed down onto our faces as we walked down the hill toward the river. Sweat rolled down our cheeks as we caught the first glimpse of the water’s edge. Stunning! The trickling water sounded so peaceful…

But, not so fast, for it was time for a sneaky snack by the river. It was hard work walking down that hill. Our legs were hurting. We strolled along the river, finding a mysterious giant’s chair! We wonder who made it? Hmmm… We played rounders and played with the parachute it was really fun . At last, we sat down in the shade and read a calm story before returning back to school. What a long day! Until next time! Alema and Armaan.



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About the year 3 radio

In the  radio show, Farah who was known as DJ Fresh and mohammed was known as DJ MO MO! They came from year 3 Eagles. They made a stupendous super hero show as wellThere was a quiz and it was hard and great!!!!! There were raps and songs. Here are a few facts: Superman  is a vegetarian. The Hulk was originally grey before they changed him green. They were very funny fun facts.

Farah: I felt very excited and a bit nervous.

Muhannad:I introduced the super heroes and told the listeners all about them!

By Farah and Muhannad

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The river journey!

Hello! This term Eagles are learning about the journey of a river. Rivers carry water down into the sea. A river starts at a source. The source is the start of a river. As the river moves along, waterfalls form. A waterfall is made up of lots of piled rocks and water hits the rock loudly. Next, mysterious meandering bends appear. Meandering bends is when the river has lots of curves and winding bends. The tributaries meets the river and the water carries on moving down into the mouth (this is often at the ocean).The ocean’s mouth is where the river meets the sea and if the mouth of the river is huge it is called an estuary.”How cool!” We hope you have learnt lots.

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All about the Amazon river!

This term we have learned about the Amazon river. The Amazon river is the second largest river in the world. The river Nile is the largest river in the world. The Amazon river holds the most water in the world! There are lots of meanders and around the Amazon there is a rain forest. In the rain forest, there is lots of wildlife.

The Amazon river is found in South America. Did you know that the Amazon river has 1,000 tributaries? It is around 250 kilometers wide at its mouth. There are no bridges on the Amazon. Another name for the Amazon river is the  River Sea. Approximately, the Amazon is 6,400km. In wet seasons, the Amazon can reach over 190km in width.





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The Amazon River

In the Eagles class we have been learning all about the River Amazon. We know lots of interesting facts.

Some of these facts are:

The River Amazon is the second longest river in America.

It is 45,000 miles long. It is super.

We’ve learnt these words: tributary, river source, meanders and estuary.

We’ve learnt the names of some of the most famous rivers.

Their names are: River Nile, River Amazon, River Yangtze, River Mississippi, River Huang He, River Ob, River Parana, River Congo, River Lena, River Mekong, River Mackenzie and River Niger.

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Amazon river

The Amazon River is the 2nd largest river in the world. It holds more water than any other river in the world.  It runs  throughout the Amazon rain forest as well as through much of South America.
It is  found in South America. It was also called  the river sea.

Just so you know, piranhas live there. They are meat eaters.

I hope you enjoyed leaning  about the Amazon river today as much as I did!



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My weekend

On my weekend I had lots of fun.We were fixing our house. All day we were fixing our living room. After we fixed it we put all the chairs in the living room. When they were fixing the living room I was on the laptop writing what I did on my weekend. My weekend was really fun.


Writen  by Eshtyaq Ali

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Solving fraction problems using the bar model

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Roman Wow Day

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