Our Year 5 Library Club


This week our Year 5 library club have been reading a section out of their favourite books, but wait that’s not all – they’ve also been using QR codes!

QR codes are images that can be scanned using a QR reader app (which you find on your phone’s app store), Once the image is scanned it will take you directly to the soundcloud link which is where the voices were recorded.

We then placed the QR codes inside the cover of the book, so when the next reader takes them out they can listen to a short section being read.




Please scan the QR codes below using a QR reader app on your iPhone, Android, iPad or Tablet and have a listen – you might just discover your NEW favourite book!


1) Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend by Tony Ross







2) Star Wars: Finn’s Mission by David Fentiman








3) The Lion and the Mouse by Mairi Mackinnon










4) Willy the Champ by Anthony Browne 





Author of the Week

This week’s author is Adam Blade!

The mysterious Adam Blade is the author of the week! Adam Blade is the creator of the phenomenally popular Beast Quest and Sea Quest books. Adam was born in Kent, England.

His parents were both history teachers and amateur artists, and Adam grew up surrounded by his father’s paintings of historic English battles, which left a lifelong mark on his imagination. He was fascinated by the ancient sword and shield that hung in his father’s office, said to be a Blade family heirloom. As a boy, Adam spent days imagining who could have first owned the sword and shield. Eventually, he created a character – Tom, the bravest boy warrior of them all.

Then idea for Beast Quest was born.

We have a range of Beast Quest and Sea Quest books in the library! Check them out below:

Beast Quest: Ferno vs Epos

What it’s about: Danger stirs in the land of Avantia. Max, son of Evil Wizard Malvel, has stolen the magical Golden Gauntlet. Using its power he plans to force the Good Beasts, Ferno and Epos, to fight each other to the death! Meet a new hero of Avantia – Sam.

Sam is an ordinary boy who must become a hero! His Quest is to tame a Beast and ride into battle to stop Max’s evil plan. Can he survive the Battle of the Beasts?

Beast Quest: Saurex the Silent Creeper 

What it’s about: Tom and Elenna only need one more weather crystal to reform the Broken Star. But even if they can defeat Saurex the Silent Creeper,Emperor Jeng and Evil Witch Kensa won’t give up that easily…

Beast Quest: Thoron the Living Storm 

What it’s about: Tom and Elenna have tracked Emperor Jeng and the Evil Witch Kensa as they search for the second weather-controlling crystal. But Thoron the Walking Storm is unlike any Beast they’ve faced before…

We have loads of different Beast Quest and Sea Quest titles in the library, so come and have a visit!

Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary


Today is a day to remember for Harry Potter fans as it marks 20 years since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first published!

Harry Potter is a worldwide success, from the books to the film everyone has either read the book or watched the film.

Did you know that the books have been translated into 77 languages including, Arabic, Chinese and Greek! And worldwide the books have sold over 450 million copies.

Since the book has been translated into so many languages  different countries have made copies of the book with alternative book covers, which are completely different to the ones in the UK.

To celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter magic I have brought together a collection of some of the most interesting Harry Potter covers from around the globe – Which one is your favourite?

Author of the Week

This weeks author is Emma Carroll!

Every week I will be showcasing an author on this blog,  The very first author of the week is Emma Carroll.

Some of you may have read Emma’s books in the library, but just in case you haven’t this is what they look like:

In Darkling Wood by Emma Carroll

What it’s about: Alice is suddenly bundled off to her estranged grandmother’s house. There’s nothing good about staying with Nell, except for the beautiful Darkling Wood at the end of her garden – but Nell wants to have it cut down. Alice feels at home there, at peace, and even finds a friend, Flo. Alice starts to wonder, what is real? And can she find out in time to save the wood from destruction?

Why you should read it: If you love magic, fairies and mystery then this book is perfect for you!

The Snow Sister by Emma Carroll

What its about: Ever since her sister, Agnes, died, Pearl has a tradition every time it snows. She makes a person out of snow. A snow sister. It makes Christmas feel a little less lonely.

On Christmas Eve, her father receives a letter about a long-lost relative’s will. Is their luck about to change? In anticipation of a better Christmas, Pearl goes to beg credit at Mr Noble’s grocery to get ingredients for a Christmas pudding. But she is refused, and chased down the street where she is hit by a hansom cab. The snow is falling so hard that they can’t take her home. She’ll have to stay at Flintfield Manor overnight, in a haunted room… Will Pearl make it home for Christmas?

Why you should read it: This book contains adventure and friendship, if that interests you then you should start reading this book!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school! I hope you all had a lovely half term.

What book did you read whilst you were on holiday? Was the book interesting? Please leave a comment below.

Don’t forget to enter the half term Extreme Writing competition – you’ll need to fill in the sheet your teacher gave you AND you need to take a photograph of yourself reading a book in an interesting place

Now that you’re back I’ve created a small list of books that you may not have discovered in the library:

1. The Parent Agency by David Baddiel

What its about: Barry Bennett hates being called Barry. In fact it’s number 2 on the list of things he blames his parents for, along with 1) ‘being boring’ and 3) ‘always being tired’.

But there is a world, not far from this one, where parents don’t have children. That’s far too random for something so big and important. In this world, children are allowed to choose their parents.

For Barry Bennett, this world seems like a dream come true. Only things turn out to be not quite that simple…


2. Flyaway by Lucy Christopher

What its about: While visiting her father in hospital, 13-year-old Isla meets Harry, the first boy to understand her and her love of the outdoors. But Harry is ill, and as his health fails, Isla is determined to help him. Together they watch a lone swan struggling to fly on the lake outside Harry’s window. Isla believes that if she can help the swan, she can help Harry. And in doing so, she embarks upon a magical journey of her own.


3. Knights of the Borrowed Dark by Dave Rudden

What its about: Denizen Hardwick doesn’t believe in magic – until he’s ambushed by a monster created from shadows and sees it destroyed by a word made of sunlight.

Now Denizen is about to discover that there’s a world beyond the one he knows. A world of living darkness where an unseen enemy awaits.

Fortunately for humanity, between us and the shadows stand the Knights of the Borrowed Dark.


4. Serafina and the black cloak by Robert Beatty

What its about: For as long as Serafina can remember, she and her pa have lived secretly hidden in the basement of a grand old house surrounded by eerie dark forest. Serafina knows that she must never let herself be seen but when children from the house start disappearing, only she can solve the mystery – one that leads her into the very forest she has always been taught to fear.

A long forgotten legacy of a very old magic awaits her…



What to read after Harry Potter

A lot of you are loving the Harry Potter series in the library at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy reading other books about magic, friendship and adventure!

Here are some recommendations to add to your magical reading list:

1.  The Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan

What it’s about: A young boy named Percy Jackson faces strange supernatural encounters and discovers that he’s actually the son of the Greek God Poseidon. Percy and his friends go on a quest to prevent a war from the Greek Gods.

Why you should read it: If you enjoy having a mixture of magic and real life then this is definitely the series for you.

2. The Wardstone Chronicles by Joseph Delaney

What it’s about: Tom has been chosen to become the local Spook’s Apprentice. As his Apprentice he’s going to be hunting all kinds of scary and creepy things that go bump in the night! But does he stand a chance against the most dangerous witch in the County.

Why you should read it: If you love the scary and darker side of Harry Potter and enjoy scaring your pants off then this series is for you.

3. Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

What it’s about: This story is set in a parallel universe and involves a young orphan girl called Lyra. She sets out on an epic quest to find her missing friend and discovers exciting secrets and a mysterious floating city on her journey.

Why you should read it: If you like stories that have the theme of Good versus Evil, and enjoy strong and confident characters then this book is perfect.

4. The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis

What it’s about: This series has seven books where four children discover a magical land on the other side of an ordinary wardrobe. The children experience adventure in Narnia, and each book sees the character grow up.

Why you should read it: If you’ve ever enjoyed watching the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe film then why not discover the real story for yourself. Oh and if you’ve ever dreamed of a world where animals can talk you’ll definitely enjoy reading these books.


If you liked…Diary of a Wimpy Kid


Hello everyone, this is my first blog post as your librarian! I thought I’d start it off by talking about one of the most popular books in the library: The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Did you know that Jeff Kinney’s books are the most borrowed books in the ENTIRE library?!

Because they are almost always out on loan, you might not see them in the library. If you like The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, you may also like these selections:

The Adventures of Captain Underpants Series by Dav Pilkey 

Harold and George are two fourth-grade boys who write comic books and love to pull pranks. When they find themselves in big trouble with Mr. Krupp, their principal, they send for a 3D Hypno-Ring and hypnotise Mr. Krupp turning him into Captain Underpants, their own superhero creation!

Dork Diaries Series by Rachel Renee Russell

New School. New mean girl. New crush. New diary so Nikki can spill about all of it! Nikki J. Maxwell has just been awarded a scholarship to a prestigious private middle school as part of her father’s exterminator contract. As she deals with embarrassing parents and making new friends, she details everything in her diary, along with sketches of her new life.

Big Nate Series by Lincoln Peirce

The mischievous and confident middle school student Nate Wright manages to make getting detention from every one of his teachers in the same day seem like an achievement.