Pandora and Persephone

I am going to blog about two myths blended together {extract}

Suddenly,the ground shook-CRACK.They went down and down, minutes felt like days Pandora’s stomach rumbled and grumbled,the anxiety was too much.The hell-like place grew darker and much more sinister;lava shot into the air and doors flung open.Pandora turned.”I am sorry this is how I look here.”Persephone’s hair went crimson red,her pupils went pitch black and dress red and black .”I don’t think-”

“Who dares enter the Underworld!” Hades yelled, interrupting both girls.As Hades grew angrier by the second,Pandora-who did not know what to do-panicked.”You will suffer!”

“Help…Help!”They were miles below surface.Filled with fear, Pandora yelled at the top of her voice…..


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Pandora’s box (by kaif)

Short extract:

Pandora and Epimetheus lived in a small cottage at the edge of a quiet village. They were companions-very much in love. The village was near a deep forest and steep mountains. It was beautiful tranquil and a slice of paradise.

Epimetheus had made a sacred promise not to open the box. Both Pandora and Epimetheus were very curious! “It must be very special to be locked up!Will we ever find out?” asked Pandora. Excitdely, they both glared at the golden box. The lock seemed to tempt them almost winking at them…

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The Box In The Underworld

This is a story I wrote by combining two well known greek myths:Pandora’s Box and Demeter and Persephone.Here is a short extract.

“Please,please,please,PLEASE,can you let me go to the Underworld,Persephone?Please?”Pandora begged.                                                                                                                         “Oh,fine.I give in.Yes,Pandora you can come with me to the Underworld…but only on one condition,”Persephone told her.                                                                                                            “What is it?”enquired Pandora.”I’ll do anything.”Persephone sighed.”You must NOT touch anything or Hades will brutally murder you!”she said gravely.”Yes,OK,”replied Pandora.Her blue eyes looked promising so Persephone said no more.                                        “Come on then.Uncle Zeus said we must be back to help with the harvest.” The two girls ran back to the palace,laughing-their golden hair blowing behind them in the breeze.Image result for pandora box



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The Gamel

We looked at different animals in Africa.Then we decided to use this as inspiration to make our own animal hybrid.Here are some interesting facts about our new animal:

Africa-which is a continent-is a place where many animals live:lions,elephants,monkeys and many more.They live in the desert,the savanna and the rainforest. The gamel,which is very rare,is perhaps one of the most interesting animals to be found.Firstly,the size and appearance of the animal will be looked at.Next,the habitat and the diet will be looked at.Read on to find out about this magnificent animal.


The gamel lives in the savanna because the food it eats is available there.Due to its love for the sun and heat,the gamel goes to the desert,therefore the gamel hibernates in the winter;it can’t survive the cold.This animal is diurnal-it sleeps at night and awake in the day.The gamel was discovered in the 1700,which was many years ago.Although it is classed as a rare animal,the gamel has been around for many years.

Size and Appearance

The gamel weighs over 23500 pounds;a male weighs more than a female(approximately 200 pounds more).It has lion paws to run fast to catch its prey.Also,its giraffe-like neck is able to reach into the trees to eat the plants.The colour of its fur is brown thus it is able to camouflage well.Although it has quite a thin body,the gamel stores a vast amount of water due to the heat.


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In Science,we have been learning about lights and shadows here are a few interesting facts:

-Opaque objects: walls,doors and wardrobes cannot be seen through

-Transparent objects such as glass can be seen through

-Translucent objects such as a bottle of water only lets a small part of light pass through but not as much as transparent objects

Here is Ishraqul’s poem:

My shadow loves to stalk,

He’s always there wherever I walk,

When the clouds appear,

He suddenly disappears.

He’s sometimes very tall,

But sometimes very small,

He loves to stick to me,

Wherever I go its him I see.

When the sun is out,

I never doubt,

He tries to hide,

But wants to play all day outside.

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Street Child

Street Child by Berlie Doherty is about Jim Jarvis whose mother dies and he is left an orphan in London to fend for himself. He is picked up by the police and sent to the work house. Jim dreams of escaping and one day he finally takes his chance and makes his escape. The story takes you on a journey through his life and the many people he meets and jobs he has in order to survive.

Image result for street child book review by berlie doherty

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We have been learning about light and shadows.We have drawn diagrams to show how light travels and how we can see.We have learnt that light travels in straight lines;we did an experiment to show that.Also,we’ve learnt that shadows are formed by light.This has inspired us to write a poem:

My shadow always accompanies me,
Walking beside me is her I see.
Sometimes when I’m close to her,she is small,
Sometimes when I’m further away,she is really tall.

When the dark clouds are near,
She always likes to disappear.
But when the sun comes out,
She really likes to run about.

When me and my friends are sitting on the bus,
She loves to join in with us.
When I’m sitting and learning in school,
She creeps beside me,just like a fool.

Image result for shadows quotes


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Science Poems;Shadows

This week, we have been learning about how light travels and shadows.Did you know that light travels in straight lines and it never bends? Light can travel through transparent objects like glass, windows.Only a small portion of it can travel through translucent objects such as water bottles and  frosted glass.However no light can travel through opaque objects like a table or a chair.So, it forms a shadow and this is how shadows are formed.This inspired us to write poems about shadows and this is mine.

I have a little shadow stuck to me,
When the clouds come out, she likes to flee,
She really is a coward,you see)
When it is dark and gloomy she plays hide and seek,
But when the sun is shining,she takes a little peek.

Whenever I am on my way to school,
She sticks to me like a silly little fool,
Though not always little, she is sometimes terrifically tall,
And sometimes, my shadow is hardly there at all!

Although she seems dark and vicious,
I would never think she is malicious,
She likes to hop and bounce about,
Especially when the sun is out!

By Zahra


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Image result for midnight gang

The story that I am going review is -The Midnight Gang by David William(winner of the    national book award). This book details the life a child who is in hospital and their mean doctor.

This book starts off in a hospital with a kid from boarding school being rushed in      because of  a cricket ball hitting his head. The boy was then sent to the children’s ward where  the horrible doctor treated them with no care. This is one of the best books I have read. I give this book 5 out of 5




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Chimney Sweeps

A chimney sweep is a worker who clears ash and soot from chimneys. The chimney uses the pressure difference caused by a hot column of gas to create a draught and draw air over the hot coals or wood enabling continue combusition. Chimneys may be straight or contain many changes of direction. During normal operation, a layer of  creosote builds up on the inside of the chimney restricting the flow. The creosote can also catch fire, setting the chimney and the building alight . The chimney must be swept to remove the soot. This was done by the master sweep.

In the United Kingdom, the master sweeps took apprentices, who were boys from the workhouse or bought them from their parents and trained them to climb chimneys. In the German States, master sweeps belonged to trade guides and did not use climbing boys. In Italy, Belgium, and France climbing boys were used.Some of the boys would’ve got cancer or would’ve had breathing problems from inhaling the soot.

Image result for chimney sweeper boy

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