Science Poems;Shadows

This week, we have been learning about how light travels and shadows.Did you know that light travels in straight lines and it never bends? Light can travel through transparent objects like glass, windows.Only a small portion of it can travel through translucent objects such as water bottles and  frosted glass.However no light can travel through opaque objects like a table or a chair.So, it forms a shadow and this is how shadows are formed.This inspired us to write poems about shadows and this is mine.

I have a little shadow stuck to me,
When the clouds come out, she likes to flee,
She really is a coward,you see)
When it is dark and gloomy she plays hide and seek,
But when the sun is shining,she takes a little peek.

Whenever I am on my way to school,
She sticks to me like a silly little fool,
Though not always little, she is sometimes terrifically tall,
And sometimes, my shadow is hardly there at all!

Although she seems dark and vicious,
I would never think she is malicious,
She likes to hop and bounce about,
Especially when the sun is out!

By Zahra


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8 Responses to Science Poems;Shadows

  1. Miss Fayaz says:

    Wow Zahra, what a fantastic poem! I love your use of rhyming couplets. Year 1 have been learning about shadows so we would love for you to come down and perform this to us!


  2. Diane Gaston says:

    Hi Zara
    Just read your wonderful poem, you might already know how much I love poetry. Can you come and read it to me after our half term break?
    Have a good break.
    Mrs. Gaston


  3. Kate says:

    Wow! That’s a really good poem! Your poetry is awesome.


  4. Nazar says:

    Hi Zarha, I think you wrote a greater blog and the great story about the light. I learned something new from your blog, Good job!


  5. Morgan says:

    Great poem! I love how you talked about how she likes to hop and bounce.


  6. Andre (USA, Woodlawn Middle School) says:

    Wow Zara! What a creative poem. I enjoyed many elements of it and the rhymes that were very clever. Well done!


  7. Amina a says:

    wow! Zahra your poem is so amazing; I loved the rhyming couplets you used-i could read this all day.


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