We have been learning about light and shadows.We have drawn diagrams to show how light travels and how we can see.We have learnt that light travels in straight lines;we did an experiment to show that.Also,we’ve learnt that shadows are formed by light.This has inspired us to write a poem:

My shadow always accompanies me,
Walking beside me is her I see.
Sometimes when I’m close to her,she is small,
Sometimes when I’m further away,she is really tall.

When the dark clouds are near,
She always likes to disappear.
But when the sun comes out,
She really likes to run about.

When me and my friends are sitting on the bus,
She loves to join in with us.
When I’m sitting and learning in school,
She creeps beside me,just like a fool.

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9 Responses to Shadows

  1. Miss Adams says:

    Wow! What a brilliant poem Malaika! Well done!


  2. Mrs Hussain says:

    A fantastic poem! Well done!
    Challenge: Include alliteration in your poem.
    E.g. Shadows silently slither…


  3. Parker says:

    I like how you added a photo of a quote that goes along with the topic.


  4. Kaitlyn says:

    I think your poem was great and it had really explained what you learned about shadows. I really enjoyed reading the poem and I think it was awesome! I think the quote was an awesome idea to add it in at the end.



    Wow, great poem. I really like how you treat you shadow as if it were a person. Very interesting!


  6. Tamer says:

    It’s cool how you are learning about lights in school science!! We are currently learning about all the cycles in the environment.


  7. Olivia says:

    I love your poem, it sounds so elegant and powerful.


  8. Alexa says:

    I love your poem! I know some poems don’t rhyme but I like the ones that do. I know how hard it is finding words that rhyme AND makes sense and you made every single line rhyme and make sense. I think your really good at writing and should do it more often! Also I was wondering what’s it like to live where you live?
    – Alexa


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