Pandora and Persephone

I am going to blog about two myths blended together {extract}

Suddenly,the ground shook-CRACK.They went down and down, minutes felt like days Pandora’s stomach rumbled and grumbled,the anxiety was too much.The hell-like place grew darker and much more sinister;lava shot into the air and doors flung open.Pandora turned.”I am sorry this is how I look here.”Persephone’s hair went crimson red,her pupils went pitch black and dress red and black .”I don’t think-”

“Who dares enter the Underworld!” Hades yelled, interrupting both girls.As Hades grew angrier by the second,Pandora-who did not know what to do-panicked.”You will suffer!”

“Help…Help!”They were miles below surface.Filled with fear, Pandora yelled at the top of her voice…..


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