The Box In The Underworld

This is a story I wrote by combining two well known greek myths:Pandora’s Box and Demeter and Persephone.Here is a short extract.

“Please,please,please,PLEASE,can you let me go to the Underworld,Persephone?Please?”Pandora begged.                                                                                                                         “Oh,fine.I give in.Yes,Pandora you can come with me to the Underworld…but only on one condition,”Persephone told her.                                                                                                            “What is it?”enquired Pandora.”I’ll do anything.”Persephone sighed.”You must NOT touch anything or Hades will brutally murder you!”she said gravely.”Yes,OK,”replied Pandora.Her blue eyes looked promising so Persephone said no more.                                        “Come on then.Uncle Zeus said we must be back to help with the harvest.” The two girls ran back to the palace,laughing-their golden hair blowing behind them in the breeze.Image result for pandora box



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