Our Christmas Wow Day! 🎄

To introduce our new Talk for Writing nativity text, we took part in a Christmas Winter Wow Day!  Soooooooo much fun!  We enjoyed a wide range of different activities; there were artic animals hiding in the slush and ice, glitter icicle crafts, and pom-pom Christmas trees to decorate.  We made paper chains, found hidden word and sound pebbles in the snow and of course, there was lots of nativity and winter wonderland small world to enjoy!

What a great start to our new story!  We hope that you can see how much we enjoyed ourselves from the photos; Merry Christmas from the Caterpillars 🎄🐛

The ice felt slippy, slimy, shiny, soft, smooth and very very cold!
We have had to hoover three times to clean this up 😂
Tinfoil glitter icicles and nativity retelling using the small world.
Paper chain crafts and tree decorating; the children later put the chains on their tree.
Lots of concentration during the pom-pom tree decorating.


Mathsmagicians 🔮

We are so very proud of the great maths achievements that we are seeing in Reception! These children can confidently order numbers 1-20 to create their own ‘Caterpillar Street’, and can also explain which numbers are missing by using the vocabulary ‘next, before, after, order’.  Keep up the great work!

“It’s 13, because 12 comes before 13.”
“Now this one is 10. Because I can see 11 after it.”
“12. Because of the order. After 11 it’s 12. Then this one is 13.”

Planting peas in pots

On Tuesday the Caterpillars went outside for their gardening session.  Martin helped us to tip the compost into the plant pots and then showed us how to place our peas into a circle pattern just inside the rim.  Last we took our planting fingers and pushed those peas gently into the compost.  We will keep you updated on how our pea plants are growing. 🐛🌿🌱

Know your rights!

We are now a Rights Respecting Level 1 school and are working towards earning our Level 2 status.  We would like to introduce Reception’s UNICEF Rights Respecting Team, who have been awarded a special badge today.  Come and see these children if you have any questions about your rights!


This week’s highlights

It has been another busy week in Reception at Montgomery!  We have a new water provision area which is proving to be a big hit, and the children have enjoyed exploring the different measurement resources.

We have now come to end of our shape unit, but the children have enjoyed showcasing their new knowledge through their play.  Here 3 boys made a house for Mr Bear.  They described the 3D shapes using their mathematical names and some of their properties… the large peg is a crocodile which is trying to attack the house!

This week’s highlights

What a busy week we have had in Reception at Montgomery.  As well as enjoying this week’s parent reading workshop, they children have been exploring a range of writing and maths activities.

We have been focusing on describing a setting in our Talk for Writing work, so we went to visit Mr Bear’s forest with Martin the gardener.  We found berries, dens, periwinkles, twigs, sticks, mud and lots of scrunchy crunchy leaves.

In in maths we have been learning the names and properties of common 3D shapes.  We found some of these in the classroom and used the photos to make our maths working wall toolkit.

We then moved on to our Hot Task for the end of our shape unit.  We made 2D shape owl posters.  Come and see them on display in our classrooms!

Introducing Reception 2017-2018!

For the first blog post we thought it would be nice to introduce everyone to the new reception children!  This week the children have been painting their self-portraits for our class displays.  We discussed all of the facial features that we would need to include in our portraits, and thought about how we these were the same for everyone, but a little bit different too.  The children explored colour mixing to create the own individual skin tones and hair colour shades.  Feel free to come and look at these in the classrooms; the children are very proud of their work and would love to show it off to their families 🙂   If you could leave us a comment as well I am sure the children would love to hear you thoughts about their painting skills. 🎨

We hope that you enjoy this blog,

The Reception Team

Introducing the Caterpillar Class!
Introducing the Butterfly Class
Introducing the Ladybird Class!