Children’s Rights themed Scratch games!

Year 4 have been studying computer coding. Here are some games made by Mr Napier and the children using the coding platform Scratch ( Just make sure Flash is enabled in order to play them.

1. Made by dancegirl613 (

2 & 3. Made by Mr Napier (

More games coming soon made by the children…

Steering Group

Children in Nursery and Reception have being taking Rosie home and teaching her about the rights.

Here are some of  rights the children have being teaching Rosie.

Article 9-Children should live with their parents or someone who cares for them.

Article 13-Children should be able to find out things.

Article 31- Children should be allowed to play.

Article 24- children should have clean water, food that is good for them, a clean place to live and good health care.