Matilda by Roald Dahl

What was this book about?

This book is about a sweet,young and clever girl (Matilda) who has very mean parents who has very mean parents who don’t look after her properly.She starts school and finds her hideous head teacher is evil.Soon,she learns she has magical powers and can control things with her mind.She gets revenge on the people that were mean to her.

Who were the main characters in this book?
Matilda and Michael Wormwood,Mr and Mrs Wormwood,Miss Honey and Miss Trunchbull.

What words or phrases does the author use to describe a character?

Brilliant,”Devouring one book after another”.

Locate a word you were unsure about and write it below.
Explode that word below.

Summarise the most exciting part of the book. Use resilient reader to help you.
The parts were Matilda gets her revenge and learns she has powers.
What age group would you recommend this book to?
If you enjoyed this book, you may also like The Twits and also The Magic Finger.



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