Our class Rainbow Trust Idea!

Our school has given each class £5 t0 buy items they need for their Rainbow Trust idea  for charity. Our class idea is called ‘The Longest Loom band competition’ . So in this blog we will be telling you what it is about and how it works. 

So, each person would get 2 minutes ( cost 20p for 2 minutes ) to create the longest loom band , then me and Al-haseena ( helper ) will measure it. The measurements will go on a chart that we made. Approximately, there will be six people in each station. Then we will pass on the loom bands that the first person had made to the second person. At the end we will join all of the 6 long loom bands together to create a long loom band.

Loom Band Flicking.

If the boys are not interested in making loom bands they could enter The Loom Band flicking contest. This is what you have to do: pay 20p ( you will get 3 goes ) and then from a certain distance you need to flick it. Again we will measure it. Boys or girls could play – that’s why it’s a great idea.

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Rainbow Trust!

Rainbow Trust is a charity that raise money for poorly children.Raising money for Rainbow Trust can help families and can  help children which life threatening or terminal illness. Rainbow Trust charity provides practical support to families.Even giving a few pence a day could help ill children.At Montgomery we will be holding a stall to raise money we will be making  loom bands to see who could make a long loom band. It will be 2 minutes for 20p at lunch time outside the muga. Also, there will be a flicking competition to see who can flick the furthest. There will be a prize for these competition but you are not allowed to find out.

Aarticle 23 of the convention of the rights of children you have the right to a special care even if your disabled these are our unicef rights .  https://www.unicef.org.uk/what-we-do/un-convention-child-rights/ .

If you go to the RRSA website  you can see all of the Rights Respecting School Award and our UNICEF rights. You can also see Robbie the Rabbit.

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Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth is the queen of Britain and Northern Ireland. She can trace her ancestors back before Elizabeth I! She was born in 1926. She is a daughter of King George VI,who died in February 1952. She is the longest-reigning monarch in British history.More miles have been travelled by her than any king or queen in history.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the United Kingdom. She has two birthdays;one is her real birthday (which is on 21 April) and her official birthday as Queen in June. The queen lives in Buckingham Palace (as well as her London home). The gardens are used for summer garden parties. The queen is invited to parades in big cities. Many people retire usually when they are 60 years old.The queen is 91 years old. She expects to stay as queen until she dies.                          

 By Dannish and Amaanul                                        



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Should you always tell the truth?

Should you tell the truth or not? Well the truth can hurt someone’s feelings. Though, is it always a bad thing to hurt somebody’s feelings?

Furthermore, people could ask for private information. Can you not respond? In addition, people asking you where you’re going could put someone else in danger.

On the other hand, lying has consequences.Other people must have  seen what what has happened as there is always someone who knows the truth, such as Allah, god, knows the truth because he saw it. Also you know the truth yourself. Are we always honest with ourselves?

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How to make a mandala

Making a mandala is very simple. All you need is a pencil, paper and colouring pencils (optional). Now lets get started.

First draw a circle in the centre of your paper. Make sure your circle is not too big or small. Now draw a flower using the circle as the centre of the flower.  Decorate the petals using any design you desire.

Enlarge your flower by adding more petals and leaves – don’t forget to add more beautiful designs to them!

If you feel you want to colour your design in, feel free to do so!


Al-Haseenah’s Mandala


Imaan’s Mandala

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Should you always tell the truth?

Always telling the truth is not good. It can hurt people’s feelings, for example if there is a new boy or girl and you said to them that “these people don’t like you”, they would be upset. However if it’s a small problem they would be only a little upset, but they would try to improve it and become a better person.

Furthermore,  if a stranger asks you about personal information including your house address, you could tell them right. However, this can put you and your family in danger. As a consequence, if you tell them wrong you will harm somebody and their family. What would you do? Is there someone who knows the truth? Yourself and God. Are we always honest with ourselves?

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Shakespeare VS. Modern day

Our topic is based on Shakespeare (a very good playwright). Learning about him is great, as we learn his type of English – which is different to modern day English.
Shakespeare wrote plays over 450 years ago which is why his English differs to modern day English (English used nowadays). For example: ‘Where hast thou been?’ means ‘Where have you been?’ So where hast thou been? Have valour, my ally and read this.

450 years after Shakespeare’s death, English changed time after time, so learning to write like Shakespeare is a tough job. Therefore, not many people understand his language.

Shakespeare                   v.s.                Modern day

thou art                                              =                    you are

where hast thou been                     =                    where have you been

’tis                                                        =                    it’s

valour                                                  =                   courage

ally                                                       =                   friend

rapier                                                  =                    sword

posters                                                =                    swift travellers

thy                                                      =                      your

doth come                                        =                       is coming

ay                                                       =                        yes

make haste                                       =                        be quick





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Should you always tell the truth?

Should you always tell the truth?

Telling the truth can be bad because if a stranger  asks where you live you can’t tell them because it is personal information.Even if someone online asks where you live and you tell the truth it can be dangerous and can be a threat to your family because they might have a chance of coming to your house and kidnapping you or they might come by you some where local.

Lying sometimes has a big consequence because if you go to court and you lie you could go to jail.If you don’t tell the truth you can sometimes tell the truth you can get rewarded and it would be much easier for you to get out of trouble.


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Should you tell the truth?

You should not always tell the truth because it can hurt someones feelings. It is better to just be quiet or tell them in a good way.

It could sometimes lead you to danger. Now we will tell you some scenarios in bullet points.

  • People asking you private information
  • People asking you where you are going

These things are dangerous and if you tell people your private information you will get kidnapped. You have two choices: you either ignore or tell lies if it’s necessary.


Another example is, if you’re in a court and you lie, you will go to prison.And in that situation it’s vital that you should tell the truth.

  • Lying has consequences-”getting out of trouble” doesn’t always end well.
  • There is always someone who knows the truth: yourself and God.
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Shakespeare’s language

Shakespeare was a story writer and has written so many wonderful stories, although the language is different and hard to understand. If  you find it hard I will show you the meaning of some of his language.

‘Tis~It is





where hast thou been?~where have you been?


make haste~be quick

Thou’rt kind~how nice of you

thou art~you are

slings and arrows~nasty things

swine ~pig

why the devil came you between us~why did you come between us

posters of the sea~swift travellers of the sea

a plague o’ both your houses~a plague on both your houses

tempest-tossed~miserable journey

alla stoccata~the thrust of a sword

These are some of  the words Shakespeare has used in his stories.I hope this helps you understand his language.

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