KS1 & KS2 Sports days (w/c 26/06/2017) : 2017-07-21

Here at Montgomery, we ran sports day for every year group in the week beginning on Monday 26th June. The KS1 children worked their way around throwing, jumping and running events as did the KS2 children, although they differed slightly from the younger children’s activities. For the throwing events, KS1 threw the howler and the bean bag as far as they could, for the jumping events they did long jump, speed bounce and hop scotch and for the running they did short hurdles and short sprint races. The children rotated round all 3 events and did superbly well with Hanzala from Badgers dominating the throwing, Sala, Aleeza from Foxes winning a variety of events, Sally from Polars doing very well and Zak and Safa from Koalas performing brilliantly across the events! To help all of the children to understand what they were required to do at each station, we used our Year 6 Young Leaders to guide and teach their younger schoolmates and they did an amazing job!

The KS2 sports days were changed slightly, compared to the KS1 sports day. As well as a sprint and hurdle running race, there was also a team relay, instead of hop scotch jumping there was triple jump and all 3 throwing events were different, with javelin, shot put and discus being competed in. Qasim from Sharks showed his strength across all the events, as did Isa in Cheetahs, Anum in Alligators and Aizah and Sarah in Buzzards performed magnificently, too! The top 2 finishers in each event have qualified for the finals which will take place on Monday 10th July where we will have parents coming in again to watch, and each class from KS2 will be attending as well meaning the atmosphere is sure to be electric!


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