Year 3 & 4 Football tournament (19/09/2017) : 2017-09-22

Two days ago we went to a football tournament. I’ve been to lots of tournaments and this was one of my favourites. One team we played was Greet and on our team were Mohamed Zak and Hakrah and Hanood and Rizwaan. my team scored three goals and rizwaan scored one of them and it was a very good game but one boy from Greet got injured. By Zak, year 4.

On Tuesday, children went to a Football Tournament and we had lots of fun. We went on Mr Bailey’s minibus to get to Oasis Hobmoor. When we got there they split us up into two groups. Team A played against Greet B,St. Bernadettes and Blakesley Hall. Team B played against Al – Furqan, Holy Family, Starbank and Oasis hobmoor. Altogether we scored 10 goals.We had so much fun playing football. Monty was supporting Norway and we came in 4th place. By Hajrah and Alema, Year 4.

Tuesday 19 september 2017
We went in a minibus to get there.When we were there,we saw lots of teams and we had to compare against them.The montgomery primary academy school were 4rth place in the whole competition. It took us 2 hours and 50 mins to go there and come back.They were only yr 3 and 4 in the whole competition.we had 5 mins break to have a drink.we were representing the country Norway.We were against star bank were representing japan oasis were representing italy and the holy family were representing canada. By Hanood, year 4.

When we played our first match we were very excited and we vs St Bernadettes we wanted to win the first match but we were too nervous. We also played against Greet. Rizwan scored 2, Mustafa scored 3 and Ilyas scored 2.The rest of the team done really well. We beat Starbank and Greet and we came in 4th place. By Mustafa, year 4 and Ilyas, year 3.


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