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Kaisar wrote: Parlement by Kaisar
Yesterday I went to parlement I saw  big ben and the house of the lords and commens but for some reason I wasn't  allowed  to sit on the sofas.I bought souvanirs and I saw the throne of queen  Victoria. (More)
Lego.                                                                               Epic and awesome.                                                 Great things to build.           (More)
dmitchell wrote: Alligators Year 4 Blog
Welcome world, to our class blog. Here, we showcase the work we have been doing and invite the world to comment and connect with us! Please comment on our posts and tell us where you are from. We love to hear from people from other countries. Peace a (More)
teacher4 wrote: Welcome Back RAP
Welcome back Monty and Percy S It's the first day back, already feeling the stress Dreaming of summer twenty seventeen But looking forward to working with this super team. Coffee, tea and plenty of cake Will get us through all dem spel (More)