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Mr Fournier wrote: Fun with fractions
We have decided to end our fraction unit by showing what we have learnt in a nice little booklet. (More)
Mrs Minhas wrote: Shapes and words
We had lots of fun with our new sound pebbles today; made for us my Mrs Minhas' sister during the holidays.  Children used them to practise name writing, Tricky Words and also to explore creating Phase 3 words.  Children who would perhaps not have (More)
mdaviswood wrote: Halving pancakes
This afternoon we learnt all about Shrove Tuesday, and what it means to Christians. We learnt about Lent, the time of fasting before Easter, and that some Christians give up special foods for Lent. We shared some pancakes with lemon and sugar. Luc (More)
mdaviswood wrote: Superhero Wow Day!
Today was a fabulous wow day, with all the children and staff dressing up as superheroes! We were lucky enough to have a visit from the fire truck and firefighters from Highgate Fire Station, real life superheroes who also shared with us some really (More)
We have had a fabulous first day back after our holidays!  We introduced our new story of the Little Red Hen and the children have really got involved with the story; painting the characters, retelling using the puppets, producing some great Cold Wr (More)