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Miss Davies wrote: Octopus
Habitat Deep in the ocean in the coral reefs. Diet It eats fish. Appearance It looks smart and spotty. Behaviour They sleep during the night. Guess what? Octopuses have blue blood! (More)
Miss Davies wrote: Cone Snail
Appearance They have hard and slippery shells. They look colourful too. Habitat They live in India and the Pacific Ocean. Diet They are carnivores. Behaviour They live in group of 3 and sleep in winter and summer. Did you know (More)
Miss Davies wrote: Kestrels
Appearance It is chestnut brown like a dead leaf and they have black streaks on them. They have little eyes. Behaviour They are not nocturnal. You shouldn't be scared of kestrels because they won't harm you. Diet They eat earthworms, i (More)
Miss Davies wrote: Kestrel
Appearance They have light chestnut brown feathers and they have black streaks on them. Diet Kestrels eat insects,scorpions,earthworms,small reptiles,birds and small mammals like bats. Habitat It lives in different and varied envir (More)
Miss Davies wrote: A tiger
A tiger can eat wild boar meat.It has fur all around its body so it doesn't get cold when it is cold outside.Tigers live in Asia.They smell strong of buttered popcorn. They sound fierce and have sharp teeth that are as sharp as a knife.Some tigers ar (More)