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Mrs Woodward wrote: Monty's Voice
The school radio is proving to be a huge success. It's a wonderful opportunity for our children to learn the mechanics of radio broadcasting and develop confidence in speaking. From writing the scripts and singing the jingles to mixing and editing, t (More)
Azhar H wrote: Rats by Azhar
Some rats are brown and some are black, most rats are different colours. Some rats are dirty and some are clean. Most rats are not harmless some are harmful. Rats can find missing objects they can also smell stuff from a distance, they also can here (More)
I have read The false tooth fairy and it is really exciting The book I have read is called the false tooth fairy. My favourite part was when she takes the false tooth to the queen in a bag and it was really funny because she takes 32 teeth every d (More)
Kareem M wrote: Rats by Kareem
This week we had a visit from some people from the rat club.They showed us some rats.They told us rats are not disgusting.They are clean animals .They clean themselves everyday .There tails are not wet they feel like a rope.Also, rats can come in dif (More)
Munyah H wrote: The heart by Munyah
The heart is a very important part of your body. Without your heart you would not live. The heart pumps blood around your body particularly when you exercise. The reason why it pumps blood around your body quickly is because your breathing increases (More)
Miss Denton wrote: Sumaiyah Maryam book review
I have read Matilda The book I have read is called Matilda My favourite part was when Mrs Honey tells Matilda that she loves her and she wants to be her mother because Matilda was a kind little sweet girl and Miss Honey loved it. (More)
Top tips Do not show any of your families photos or yourselfs.You might send them to a person who you don't know. Do not tell where you live your phone number and any other important details. When you are on your laptop or computer  and a s (More)
Top Tips .Dont share pictures with people you dont know . .Dont give personal information. .Dont tell people where you live/where you are. Dont post inappropriate pictures. .When you are on your internet do not listen to images that sa (More)
Yasmin A wrote: All about french
My name is Yasmin and I know about french these are some phrases I know about french. Bonjour - hello je m'appelle-my name is comment ca va-how are you Au revoir-bye     (More)
Eeman H wrote: Eeman's songs
Hello my name is Eeman and I write my own songs.I need some names for my songs.I need something to write about.I have started one about Montgomery.If you have a name please tell me.Tell me in the comments .I have written about 4 songs. If you would l (More)