The great Leonoptryx BY:Amyma and Rayeema


The Great Leonoptryx


This friendly creature [with red wings as red as a phionix.] The leonoptryx flies across the light blue sky.While he tried to catch his prey with his magical beady eyes. And when he landed he would stomp and swing his tail.He was looking for his prey .His claws are as sharp as a razer .It’s claws are long like a penguen’s wing’s .

BY : Amyma and Rayeema


2 thoughts on “The great Leonoptryx BY:Amyma and Rayeema

  1. Mr Court

    1. We love the way you have used some similes, especially ‘as red as a phoenix’.
    2. Can you tell us what a Phoenix is?
    3. To make this even better, we think you could try to vary your sentence openers. For example, instead of using ‘his’ its’ he’ you could name the creature or describe something it is doing first.



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