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The haunted house by Abdul and Luqmaan

Michael took a deep breath as he looked at the haunted building from a far distance. At that moment, he saw a strange shadow flicking the lights on and off. Michael remembered what his dad said. “Do not go to the haunted house.” He was tempted. He wanted to just run inside. He looked longingly at the abandoned old house. He started to walk forward not caring how dirty his clothes got as long as he got there. 

George’s marvellous medicine

george’s grandma is always scaring him with cabbage that has slugs,earwigs,caterpillars and beetles. George is fed up grandma being nasty george made a potion that made grandmas aches and pains go away. Grandma was so small george made a potion that made grandma thin and tall.George’s  parents came back they were shocked.George made a hen grow so big it’s egg is as big as a football.

written by : abdul and usman