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Amyma and Sidra

Amyma and Sidra were trick and treating for Halloween. Suddenly, they saw a haunted house which had cobwebs all over the porch. They were tempted to go in the haunted house. Sidra and Amyma saw a garden full of dead bodies lying around the grassy floor. All of a sudden, Amyma heard a loud BANG. They saw flowers that were dead. Suddenly, they heard an evil cackle. The gate creaked and Amyma screamed,  “aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!” All of the dead bodies gathered together and turned into a huge witch. “wow that is scary,” said Sidra. “Yeah that is scary…RUN!” said Amyma as her heart pounded like a drum. 


The great Leonoptryx BY:Amyma and Rayeema


The Great Leonoptryx


This friendly creature [with red wings as red as a phionix.] The leonoptryx flies across the light blue sky.While he tried to catch his prey with his magical beady eyes. And when he landed he would stomp and swing his tail.He was looking for his prey .His claws are as sharp as a razer .It’s claws are long like a penguen’s wing’s .

BY : Amyma and Rayeema

Clent Hills

I loved Clent hills because it was really muddy when we were there. Children nearly slipped and fell. I was excited when I first found out were going Clent Hills. My partner was Mina. She was very very kind to me.  And we made  a cool shelter and we sat under it and ate are food yum yum. When we were going to the coach, we saw animals like cows, donkeys and horse. We had walk up the hill until we reached the summit. And then we took photos I really loved Clent Hills.


From: Amyma


super sally by amyma

Clever boy’s naughty girl’s.

Who do you think you are.

Clever boy’s do fun thing.

Super Sally saves the world.

She’s waving her fist.

Shouting are you a clown

Who do you think you are.

Just tell me who you are please?

Just tell me what your name is?

By Amyma and Junaid

Finding Lucy By Amyma

Ella and her sister Lucy lived in a flat house.There were playing with their friends in the garden. But suddenly lucy saw a lion ran past her. And she fell in.”Ahhhhhhh.         

She was in a mysterious place.”Where am I she said to myself.she felt sad she wanted to go home.

So she saw a lion and she got super scared. She wanted to go home.”who are you I am Lucy.Who are you I am king Phillap of the Jungle.

She ran through the Jungle playground and the mouintin

Georges Marvellous Medicine

we, have been learning about George’s marvellous medicine.My favourite part is when George gives grandma her medicine.And she grows really big. And he even gave the hen the medicine.It was so funny.George’s mother was shocked when she saw Grandma was big. And George’s dad was shocked when he saw the hen.George’s dad was interested in the hen but not Grandma.My favourite part is when George puts the brown paint in Grandma’s medicine.

From Amyma and Junaid