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the haunted house by hasnain and Govindrai

As Collin took his first few steps, he saw standing right in front of him was a haunted house it had a cemetery with a grave yard.Then he saw a blur. He thought there was a ghost so he had no choice but to adventure. There was no door so this couldn’t  be an ordinary house. He went around the back. He looked at the sky, It was black his grandpa worried about him so he tried to call him on his i phone but it hung up.  Collin was right inside the haunted house…

my maths

My maths is all about maths.Every day your teachers put maths questions about your topic in maths. After you’re done, you can play fun games like escape or log out and there are more questions.

Super sally poem

Swirling and splashing

Vrooming and proving

Super sally is cool

Super Sally dose the sweeping

Take some time fighting crime

Its not easy but fizzy and spizzy  lame and shame

Fame and pain

Swirling and splashing

vrooming and proving

Super sally is cool