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Muhammeds and Junaids suspenese paragraph

Junaid took a deep breath. Goose bumps ran down his back. His dad gave him a warning not to go past the abandoned house with spirits or go inside the house. He was tempted. His heart pounded. Just then, ┬áhe caught a glimpse of a shadow. He thought to himself, should I explore this house or not. It was in the middle of the night and he was scared. There were dead bodies lying on the ground…

The Vikings by Junaid

All About the Vikings

Today I am talking all about vikings and lets get started

Viking Longships

Viking longships were very modern in the olden days. Vikings had a dragon in-front to scare anybody who came past. The vikings raided other vikings sometimes. Between 24 or 60 people can fit in a viking longship.

Viking longhouses

There rooves were made from grass, hay and sticks.The vikings did the toilet outside because they did not even have toilets. There house had only one room but the room was actually quite big.

Before they were vikings

Before they were vikings they were just normal people like us.

Super Sally by Junaid

Clever boys naughty girls

Clever boys naughty girls

Who do you think you are

Who do you think you are

Cleaver boys do fun things

Super sally saves the world

She wave’s her fist

Shouting are you a clown

Who do you think you are

Just tell me who you are please


Just tell me what your name is bro !!!!!!!!!


By: Junaid and Amyma


Finding Messi by Junaid

Messi was running down the football pitch chasing the ball.Out of no where,a normal black cat was screaming “Oh where’s my place?”

Messi went on a airplane to the cats place.As soon as possible,he got to the cats place. It smelt so bad.

Messi met a lion in front of him