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The Great Leonoptryx by Muhammed Ali And Abdul Aleem Ali

This friendly creature with blood-thirsty teeth that could shred triceratops armour into smithereens,its teeth are as sharp as an eagle’s talons and it walks on the vibrate floor in New Zealand! There claws like daggers flexed the flying outraged beast scans the peaceful forest for its scrumdiddlyumptious prey. Its huge wings the size of Queen Elizabeth ll‘s palace. It flaps its wings as fast as a soar falcon’s speed! Its elaborate patterns on its belly will hypnotize you for days. Its razor claws as sharp as a megalodon’s tooth!

The bone Groover

Feel the rushing wind blowing your hair on the Bone Groover. Spins you upsidedown and on the side. It’s 20 extraordinary loops will leave you screaming for days. It’s incredible height is as tall as mount Everest. Have a ride if you dare!!!!!!!! Do you have the guts?

Clent Hills

On 22nd of March year 4 went to Clent Hills. It was really muddy. But at the same time I had really fun. About Three people slipped. The first slip was just when we went toilets. the next one, my friend slipped and then my other friend slipped. There coats and clothes were really muddy. WE made a shelter and Crocodiles were first to get theirs up. 2nd it was alligators and 3rd Turtles. But our shelter looked the nicest. 

By Muhammed



Vikings are steelers and raiders. The more vikings steal the more richer they are. Vikings wear chain mail armour.


Vikings usually have scruffy beards and moustaches. There beards are long. They wear heavy armour and wear iron helmets to protect their head. They had shields to block arrows. They wear chain mail chestplate and leggings. They have a battle axe which would be heavy. They have shiny swords.

Viking longships

Vikings have long ships which sail across the seas sometimes they use them for raiding.They put alot of loot on their ships. They come in different kind of shapes. Their sails come in bright colors red and white,blue and white,yellow and white. They have a dragon head at the front and at the back there’s a tail or a head.

Where they live

Vikings lived  in longhouses  which were made out of wood and thatch or even wood or grass. They shared houses with cows and sheeps and other animals. They cook with a pot with fire underneath

Did you know

Vikings were pirates which sailed and plundered. They have scruffy beards and moustaches like pirates.

By Muhammed and Shanaz


How to make strength potion

How to make a swiftness potion                                                                        This text is about to make a swiftness potion.If you want to know how to make the potion stay tuned.

What you need:

  • 4 spider legs
  • infected spider eye
  • spiders body shooter
  • 2 spider fangs
  • 4 spider eyes
  • 2 hairs from a trantuala
  • pepsi (soda)
  • snickers (choclate)

What you do:

1.First put everything inside the pot and boil for 15 mins.

2.Next take it out and put it in bottle.

3.Then add some choclate snickers.

4.After that pour in 1ltre of pepsi.

5.put on a lid shake it like a milkshake.

6.Finally drink it then youll be fast like Usain bolt.

written by muhammed and luqmaan