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The power of suspense by:Rayeema and Humairaa


Chloe and Elle looked at the creepy nightmare house. They took some steps.  Suddenly, a white soul peeped out. The windows creaked open. The gates close. The door opened. A ghost appeared.  It came closer and closer. The girls’ hearts were pounding. They didn’t know what to do…

BY Humairaa and Rayeema

the play zone !!!!! by Rayeema

the play zone


soar like an eagle  on the swiftest  rollercoaster in the world . Take the dare to ride it. It’s faster then a train . It’s  faster then a jet . It’s the unbeatable SOCKER!!! Adventure out in it’s pure speed . I dare you !

Diary entry by Rayeema.



Today  has been a emotional  day. Just  before dad came  home, I was helping my mum clean up our beautiful  house. When I was cleaning the dishes I accidentally dropped a shiny, colourful bowl. Just then, dad arrived. He gave me a instrument  that shined  as bright as the sun. I actually wanted a piano, but after my practise I fell in love with the harmonica! I understand that my parents did not have a lot of money for a piano. When I was practising, my dad said, ”Don’t blow to hard or it’s going to EXPLODE!!!!”


Finding Wanda by Rayeema

Finding Wanda

one beautiful morning there lived a girl her name was wanda.she lived in stuning mansion .One day in the evning she went out to play in her park .suddenly,she saw a leprecon .It had a big hat.”Oh dear wears my rainbow!”said the leprocon.Suddenly, a portal apeerd in a tree.She peeped in.

Then the leprocon flu in Wanda folode .suddenly ,she came into the most magical,mistical,and colourful rainbow land in the world.suddenly,the portal disappeared .”oh no!”she shouted Wanda.”I need to find a way back utherwise I haft to stay hear for ever and ever.