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Sana and lewin

Lily took a deep breath as she looked at the haunted school from in front of the door. Before she came out of her house, her mom told her not to go into that house. She wanted to go in the house but she had to go in to find out more. So she moved closer. And more closer. She rang the doorbell.  Creak. The door opened. A white blur passed her and loads more did as well.

in beautiful jungle by aaliya

Lily was playing with her rabbit Fluffy. With a jump out of no where, a ginger cat ran by, muttering “Oh dear where is my jungle ,” Lily followed her looking scared . She went through the cat hole.

Lily found herself in a beautiful and colourful jungle.The guards recognise she was a human . They chased her faster, faster, faster when Lily got rid of them ,she found the jungle throne , the queen  of the jungle said” You join my band for my party!” demanded the queen .

“But I come from earth , I followed this cat,” sobbed Lily. The queen yelled at Lily saying “I will have you arrested in the dungeon,”                       ” But that isn’t fair ”                                                                                          “If you don’t want to go to jail then you have to play in my band , ” shouted the queen . Lily didn’t go to the band she escaped but the guards chased her ……


lost chased found story by sana

Jenna wilson was playing in the park in pakistan.When she saw a cat and the cat said “oh dear,oh dear wheres my home!”.The cat led Jenna wilson to a spooky woods with wild animals in the woods.It was abandoned.

Jenna wilson got to the woods and start exploring the woods.The woods look scary,gloomy,with spider webs and it is dark.