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haunted house zidane and Maheen

Max took a huge step into the building as the door creaked shut. Max heard screaming and other crazy noises. His heart was pounding. His soul was about to come out of him. He ran for his life. Suddenly, the door creaked open. This was his chance to get out of the building but the door shut on his face and he couldn’t get out. Max went to the haunted house again and tried to get other old treasure but the door was all chained up. Max needed to get that door opened because he really was desperate to get all of the treasure so he can be rich. He decided to brake in with a chainsaw. Finally he got in and he realised a shadow went past him… 

Hockey rhyme

Brainy brain

Has a clever brain

Hockey in his mind

And sister kind

And citizens staring

With someone cering

Now what is he doing

He wearing a cap

Now what is he doing

He taking a nap

Now what is he doing

He is getting a slap

And bouncing shoo

And lady staring in a boot

by Humairaa Samad and zidane uddin

lost,found,chace story by zidane

Max was playing croquet. Suddenly, he saw a bat fly past. The bat dropped in a deep hole. That it had been burnt unfortunately max lost his balance and tumbled down and down and down.

Max fell in a burnt house that was on fire. Max ran out and started searching around danger world. Then he found the king in his chair, “Hello were did you come from?”

“I came from Birmingham. but have you played block buster.”

“No you will play with me!”