The Harry Potter Fan Club

Hello my name is Usman and I am in Turtles In Year 4.I have created a Harry Potter fan club but not just a Harry Potter fan club it has other books as well.We’ll be doing other events you can experience it is as well as listed on the rota. You could also write on the MONTY’S BLOGS OR EVEN SPREAD THE MESSAGE..It is a STIMULATING book club that will try to Persuade you if you are not a book reader or doesn’t read daily.

MondayHogwart’s Hide and tag ,Reading,Duelling Challenges, Potion Making, Research and Story Making,Role Play,Library.

Tuesday-Role Play, Reading, Duelling challenges, Potion Making,Research,Library,Hide and Tag and Story Making .

Wednesday-Library, Reading,duelling challenges,Potion Making, Research,Hide and Tag,Role Play,Story Making.

Thursday- Azkaban’s hide and Tag, Duelling challenges, Potion Making,Research,Role Play,Library,Story Making.

Friday- Mixed Events and These Events.

I will be recording points on the day we have the passport assembly I will announce the winner.The winner will receive a prize and award.

Visit new library straight after you finished lunch for the club say i’m in in at the comments.Give a compliment that needs to improve the club.

The bone Groover

Feel the rushing wind blowing your hair on the Bone Groover. Spins you upsidedown and on the side. It’s 20 extraordinary loops will leave you screaming for days. It’s incredible height is as tall as mount Everest. Have a ride if you dare!!!!!!!! Do you have the guts?

the play zone !!!!! by Rayeema

the play zone


soar like an eagle  on the swiftest  rollercoaster in the world . Take the dare to ride it. It’s faster then a train . It’s  faster then a jet . It’s the unbeatable SOCKER!!! Adventure out in it’s pure speed . I dare you !

Clent Hills

On 22nd of March year 4 went to Clent Hills. It was really muddy. But at the same time I had really fun. About Three people slipped. The first slip was just when we went toilets. the next one, my friend slipped and then my other friend slipped. There coats and clothes were really muddy. WE made a shelter and Crocodiles were first to get theirs up. 2nd it was alligators and 3rd Turtles. But our shelter looked the nicest. 

By Muhammed

Clent Hills

I loved Clent hills because it was really muddy when we were there. Children nearly slipped and fell. I was excited when I first found out were going Clent Hills. My partner was Mina. She was very very kind to me.  And we made  a cool shelter and we sat under it and ate are food yum yum. When we were going to the coach, we saw animals like cows, donkeys and horse. We had walk up the hill until we reached the summit. And then we took photos I really loved Clent Hills.


From: Amyma


How to make play doh


  • Water
  • Dough flour
  • olive oil
  • food colour (any colour)
  • zip lock bag
  • mixing bowl

First you need a container to make a play doh.                                         Then you need a lot of flour but make sure you have dough flour.  After that you  get a hand full of flour and you spread  the flour on the counter. Mix all the ingredients together in the mixing bowl. Finally you flatten the play doh down until it gets softer.

Top Tip! Keep your play doh in a zip lock bag to keep it fresh!

From Humairaa 😍😍😍😇😇😇😀😀😀😘😘😘

Clent Hills

All of the year 4s nearly at the summit. The mud wouldn’t hold us back!

On Wednesday the 23rd of March, the year 4s all had a wonderful trip to Clent Hills. We plodded through perilous amounts of mud to get to the summit. Then we Trekked into a pleasant forest to find a place to build a shelter so that we could have a delicious lunch in out of the rain. After that we trudged through more mud until it was time to turn around and walk back down.

We were very glad we brought out wellies!

Our quick shelter to keep the rain off of us.

Of course we found a nice play area as well.

Rain or shine, we will have fun!

Can you write a recount about this fantastic trip?


Digestive System

This afternoon we were learning about the digestive system. We used a bag to represent a stomach, nylon to represent the small intestine and a paper cup to represent the large intestine.

We added to our stomach some coke to act as stomach acid and water to act as saliva. Next was the food. We used different oats and some of the scraps from our school dinners. Once everything was in the stomach we used our hands to mash it all up just like the muscles in our stomach walls would do.

Next it was the small intestines turn. The mashed up food went into the nylon to break down the food even more. We saw how the body takes out all of the good bits from the food (vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) and stores it in the body.

Here are some of our pictures of doing this.

Stomach lining mashing the food before going into the small intestines.

Small intestines taking all the nutritional bits out of the food before the waste is transferred into the large intestines.

After all of the good bits were out, the rest of the food was waste! It went into the large intestine and our paper cup eventually showed how we would get rid of the waste (yes it was a little smelly) as poo.

Coding with Turtles

The Turtle class is busy coding. Today they have been practising making different games. We have had pong, hide and seek, racing games and a lot of music!

Student creating pong with sounds and a colour changing ball!

Everyone loves a racing game.

Music and Fashion going hand in hand.

If you have done any coding with your classes, share it in the comments!



Busy afternoon in the Turtle’s class

Today we were learning about Article 12 of the Rights of the Child; You have the right to give your opinion and for adults to listen.

We had some students choose to be spatial learners. They choose to learn about mountains through some very creative artwork. Here is a sample of their pieces.

Others choose to be Linguistic Learners. Those children wrote a lovely acrostic poem about mountains.

  • Magic magnificent mountains
  • Outragious mountains
  • Unbelievable muddy mountains
  • Nepal was cold and chilly
  • The tent was nice and warm
  • And the plane landed in Nepal
  • In Nepal they had the biggest mountain – Mount Everest
  • Nepal was cool and epic
  • Snow fell down the mountain

Others choose to be spatial learners. Those children created a drama performance about a mans trek up a mountain. It was wonderful!

Others choose to be Musical learners. Those children chose to write songs and raps about mountains. Here is one of the raps.

A mountain is fierce,

It’s dream is to get a pierce.

A mountain is cold,

And the bottom is bold.

The mountain is bad,

And it sometimes gets mad.

The mountain says hi,

But at the end it say bye.

The mountain cries,

When it dies.

Others choose to be Logical/Mathematical learners. Those children learned about mountains in the UK through graphing. Here is some of what they’ve done.



Diary entry by Rayeema.



Today  has been a emotional  day. Just  before dad came  home, I was helping my mum clean up our beautiful  house. When I was cleaning the dishes I accidentally dropped a shiny, colourful bowl. Just then, dad arrived. He gave me a instrument  that shined  as bright as the sun. I actually wanted a piano, but after my practise I fell in love with the harmonica! I understand that my parents did not have a lot of money for a piano. When I was practising, my dad said, ”Don’t blow to hard or it’s going to EXPLODE!!!!”


Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

Today was one of the the most best days in my entire life. Me and my mum were in the old, cobwebbed, filthy  kitchen. We were trying to make our crockery stand out, sparkle and glisten. The two of us were singing while we  were cleaning the crockery. We both got so carried away  we accidentally broke some. Neither of us cared because it always happened to us, it is a common thing for us. We both got tired so we hunched ourselves in our cosy, relaxing and Luxuriating  sofa. We then heard a clinging on the door. We thought it was the Nazis! We were frightened but it actually was my dad. He entered the house so I ran up to him and I flung my arms around him. He kissed me on my forehead. He said he brought me a surprise, He put his hand in his grubby coat pocket I waited. He then presented me a HARMONICA! I was relieved, I was jumping for joy. At first it was hard to play but the more I played the better I got. my dad gave me a piece of advice and that was don’t blow too hard or it will end up into pieces in your hand.


Diary Entry

Dear diary,

Today was an emotional day! Me and my mum was tiding up the whole house. My mum taught me how to use the mop and then I was singing and dropped the water. My mum said it was alright because it was my first time. Then my dad came home and I was happy but when my dad took a golden, shiny harmonica out of his pocket and gave it to me I nearly burst into tears! Then he taught me how to play it. It was great! When he taught me, I found it hard at first but when I got the rhythm now I can play it.

Turtles on the guitars

Throughout the year, the year fours have been learning how to play different notes on a guitar. I must say they are starting to sound like great musicians! 

Turtles playing guitars.


What other schools out there play a musical instrument? 

We would love to hear about it! 

Post what instrument you play and how long you have been doing it for.

My holidays

My holiday have been great but the most excited ones I am going to tell you  now  so follow me in the next paragraph. Let’s go!!

So firstly on Sunday all of my cousins were at my house and we were all playing lots of games. After playing some games, we went  to a fair and my big cousins were helping in the fair. Two of them were a minion and 1 of them were a Minnie mouse and 1 was Mikey mouse that’s what happened .

On Saturday I went to London and stayed there for 1 day and walked around  and that’s what i did and it  was so fun .

On Wednesday I went a restaurant for my mums birthday called fargo’s it was yummy. my sister took so many pictures.

I even went handsworth to see my grandad and grandma and then i went to my cousins house we were having so much fun i really liked the holidays it was really fun i just cant wait for 2017 it is going to be a good year i can not wait

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog i have really enjoyed writing this blog it made me laugh i do not know why. That’s why i really hope you enjoyed this!!

Cold dreams

A snowman dreams

Of sleeping in a iglue

As white as a t-shirt


A snow dreams

Of falling on the floor

As cold as a freezer


A pretty sharp snowflake dreams

Of becoming a glisting star

As sparkly as a candle


A ice-cream dreams

Of siting in a cone

As delicious as a cake


A frozen sharp icicles dreams

Of touching a sharp nose

As sharp as a knife


A snowball dreams

Of having a snowball fight

As fun as a party


by laybah