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The Viper Wolf By Laybah And Sabrina

This dangerous creature with blade teeth (as sharp as bloody teeth) prowled the beautiful floor.Claws like blade flexed  as the noisy beast scanned the horrible woodland – looking for it’s next meal.

This creepy creature with sharp teeth(as  sharp as a blade) scratched the muddy floor. Claws like blades(a sharp blade) flexed as the silent beast scanned the peaceful jungle.


Diary Entry

Dear diary,

Today was an emotional day! Me and my mum was tiding up the whole house. My mum taught me how to use the mop and then I was singing and dropped the water. My mum said it was alright because it was my first time. Then my dad came home and I was happy but when my dad took a golden, shiny harmonica out of his pocket and gave it to me I nearly burst into tears! Then he taught me how to play it. It was great! When he taught me, I found it hard at first but when I got the rhythm now I can play it.

My holidays

My holiday have been great but the most excited ones I am going to tell you  now  so follow me in the next paragraph. Let’s go!!

So firstly on Sunday all of my cousins were at my house and we were all playing lots of games. After playing some games, we went  to a fair and my big cousins were helping in the fair. Two of them were a minion and 1 of them were a Minnie mouse and 1 was Mikey mouse that’s what happened .

On Saturday I went to London and stayed there for 1 day and walked around  and that’s what i did and it  was so fun .

On Wednesday I went a restaurant for my mums birthday called fargo’s it was yummy. my sister took so many pictures.

I even went handsworth to see my grandad and grandma and then i went to my cousins house we were having so much fun i really liked the holidays it was really fun i just cant wait for 2017 it is going to be a good year i can not wait

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog i have really enjoyed writing this blog it made me laugh i do not know why. That’s why i really hope you enjoyed this!!