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Finding Braun stroman by Saad

My favourite part was when Braun stroman could not keep up I thought it was so awesome because in some stories they catch up but in my story I was being creative Mr Fournier said he really liked the idea of the science lab.In my story Braun stroman  followed a man which he saw in his garden  he followed him to a science lab which was quite dirty.Nextoo the door was a halve drank bottle he thought  he thought the man also drank that potion so he drank it also and after he drank it he pressed the button and he finally got through  the door.But on the way he got stopped by a group of goblins and a chase started but Braun stroman went the wrong way so he had to turn around the guards were closing in and they were getting closer and closer and closer.

finding Henry by Usman

Henry grappled the teleporter handle and went through. He found the cat house and smashed the broken tile . Henry got a ladder and climbed on the ladder. He went out the cat house and went home to his favourite game console. “Henry where have you been “? I thought that you were playing in your room playing your game your game console said mum.”I was bored playing my console so I went outside to the park to get lots of oxygen,fresh air and learn nature said Henry”.

in beautiful jungle by aaliya

Lily was playing with her rabbit Fluffy. With a jump out of no where, a ginger cat ran by, muttering “Oh dear where is my jungle ,” Lily followed her looking scared . She went through the cat hole.

Lily found herself in a beautiful and colourful jungle.The guards recognise she was a human . They chased her faster, faster, faster when Lily got rid of them ,she found the jungle throne , the queen  of the jungle said” You join my band for my party!” demanded the queen .

“But I come from earth , I followed this cat,” sobbed Lily. The queen yelled at Lily saying “I will have you arrested in the dungeon,”                       ” But that isn’t fair ”                                                                                          “If you don’t want to go to jail then you have to play in my band , ” shouted the queen . Lily didn’t go to the band she escaped but the guards chased her ……


Finding Wanda by Rayeema

Finding Wanda

one beautiful morning there lived a girl her name was wanda.she lived in stuning mansion .One day in the evning she went out to play in her park .suddenly,she saw a leprecon .It had a big hat.”Oh dear wears my rainbow!”said the leprocon.Suddenly, a portal apeerd in a tree.She peeped in.

Then the leprocon flu in Wanda folode .suddenly ,she came into the most magical,mistical,and colourful rainbow land in the world.suddenly,the portal disappeared .”oh no!”she shouted Wanda.”I need to find a way back utherwise I haft to stay hear for ever and ever.

lost chased found story by sana

Jenna wilson was playing in the park in pakistan.When she saw a cat and the cat said “oh dear,oh dear wheres my home!”.The cat led Jenna wilson to a spooky woods with wild animals in the woods.It was abandoned.

Jenna wilson got to the woods and start exploring the woods.The woods look scary,gloomy,with spider webs and it is dark.

Jakybond from Hashim

jakybond  was   living  in  a  bais   he  herd   something.   He   saw   puss   in   boot    shouted   o”h   no” .                                                                                                                                                                                                                             In     a    green   and   black  vrotex    he  steps  aaaaahhhhh…..

Finding Lucy By Amyma

Ella and her sister Lucy lived in a flat house.There were playing with their friends in the garden. But suddenly lucy saw a lion ran past her. And she fell in.”Ahhhhhhh.         

She was in a mysterious place.”Where am I she said to myself.she felt sad she wanted to go home.

So she saw a lion and she got super scared. She wanted to go home.”who are you I am Lucy.Who are you I am king Phillap of the Jungle.

She ran through the Jungle playground and the mouintin

the hobbit By Luqmaan

in a land called something in the hills there was a hobbit  hole.there lived a fat ogre who was eaten by wargs then there lived a hobbit called max he was friends with a stone giant.the stone giant lived in the mountains with the goblins and ogres who died because of the stone giants.                                                                                                                                                      one day when max was eating a goblin he heard screaming he looked out side and saw goblins dying.

finding messi by hassan

messi was kicking the ball around on a field when suddenly he saw a goblin out of nowhere and then Messi decided to follow it.

Messi ran after the goblin and opened a door and the door closed automatically.The thing that was strong to him was that he was in a swamp.The swamp was yucky and green Messi felt scared.

Messi met a witch and the witch gave him a strong potion. The witch said to him “only use it if you need it” Messi said ok. Messi wished that he was at home. The witch chased Messi! Messi fell into a river and he swam to the nearest island. Next he ran into a zoo. He bumped into giraffes and other animals.Finally he was running through a jungle.He ran faster and faster and faster.

Messi ran so fast that he saw the portal and he jumped into the portal but there was a problem there was another portal on top and he remembered that he had the grow potion and he jumped through

by govindrai

jack   was  playing  football   and   he  saw  a   black panther. jack  fold   the  black  panther   he  was  running  and  there   was  a  forest  and    front   of  the  forest  of  the  forest   it  was  a  little  hole  jack  falldown  and  it  was  very  dork  and  spooky

suddenly  jack  was  so  scared   he  said  o i  how  to  go  am  for  for  to   big   to  go  throug

by maheen

One snowy day Molove was was playing football at the park, with his pet is tiger. he was playing fetch with his pet.”OH NO!” said Molove. the tiger run and run and run until he went to the pond. The tiger jumped. OH NO said Molove !

And he got drowned fell down . How could I get out of hear . and Molove said who are you said molove. the evil man was playing hide and seek. can I play with said molove. the evil man said i will chop off your arm . NO NO said molove

Can i play said molove. I told you i will chop of your arm .

Can i chase you. go on said molove the evil man. go on chase me


lost/found/chase story

once upon a time there was a little boy called Siyam he lived in Birmingham with his mum and dad. one day he followed a lion to it’s cave.

Siyam was shocked,when he went  into the cave. Siyam saw a magical world of junk food.”oh my gosh”Siyam gasped. Siyam wanted to stay but he had to go home other wise his dad was going to shout at him.

Siyam went to the king and said.”can i go back home””no you can not go back home”the only way you can go back home is if you complete three tasks said the king.”i don’t care what you say,i want to go home right NOW!””Complete those three tasks or my lion’s will chop your head of”said the king.”NO!” said Siyam. “Of with his head”Said the king.

Siyam ran and ran and ran but the lion’s paws got louder and louder and louder.as quick as a flash Siyam jumped into a bush so the lion’s can’t find him.

Next to Siyam was a potion that said “ZIP ME”Siyam drank the bottle and safely.























































































































lost,found,chace story by zidane

Max was playing croquet. Suddenly, he saw a bat fly past. The bat dropped in a deep hole. That it had been burnt unfortunately max lost his balance and tumbled down and down and down.

Max fell in a burnt house that was on fire. Max ran out and started searching around danger world. Then he found the king in his chair, “Hello were did you come from?”

“I came from Birmingham. but have you played block buster.”

“No you will play with me!”