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Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

Today was one of the the most best days in my entire life. Me and my mum were in the old, cobwebbed, filthy  kitchen. We were trying to make our crockery stand out, sparkle and glisten. The two of us were singing while we  were cleaning the crockery. We both got so carried away  we accidentally broke some. Neither of us cared because it always happened to us, it is a common thing for us. We both got tired so we hunched ourselves in our cosy, relaxing and Luxuriating  sofa. We then heard a clinging on the door. We thought it was the Nazis! We were frightened but it actually was my dad. He entered the house so I ran up to him and I flung my arms around him. He kissed me on my forehead. He said he brought me a surprise, He put his hand in his grubby coat pocket I waited. He then presented me a HARMONICA! I was relieved, I was jumping for joy. At first it was hard to play but the more I played the better I got. my dad gave me a piece of advice and that was don’t blow too hard or it will end up into pieces in your hand.