Our enchanted first day back!

Today we came back from a lovely Easter Holiday to find out classroom had been transformed into an enchanted woodland. We were shocked when we received a letter from the three little pigs, asking us to rebuild the homes that the wolf had destroyed!

We put our minds together and decided that we would build 3 strong houses and take them to the Lickey Hills on Friday so that the three little pigs can live without fear of the ferocious wolf.

A Real Life Superhero

About a Nurse – By Abdulahi

Yesterday a real life superhero called Fiona came to visit our school. She taught us about her work as a nurse in a hospital.

Fiona showed us her stethoscope and torch. She uses her stethoscope to check patients’ hearts and her torch to check patients’ ears, eyes, and inside their mouths.

We think Fiona is a real life superhero because she looks after people when they are ill and makes sure they feel better!

Halving pancakes

This afternoon we learnt all about Shrove Tuesday, and what it means to Christians. We learnt about Lent, the time of fasting before Easter, and that some Christians give up special foods for Lent.

We shared some pancakes with lemon and sugar. Luckily, this morning in maths we had been practising halving shapes and making sure that the two parts were equal. So we could halve our pancakes and share them fairly with a friend!

Sharing pancakes

Maybe a bit too much lemon on this pancake!

Supertato to the rescue!

Our talk for writing text this month is Supertato by Sue Hendra. We have been learning the text over our half term break, and today we immersed ourselves in the superhero theme! One of our wow day activities was styling and making our very own supertatoes. Stay tuned for some super retelling of the Supertato ‘defeating the villain’ story!

What do you think of our supertatoes? Could they defeat the evil pea and send him to his jelly prison? 

Superhero Wow Day!

Today was a fabulous wow day, with all the children and staff dressing up as superheroes! We were lucky enough to have a visit from the fire truck and firefighters from Highgate Fire Station, real life superheroes who also shared with us some really important safety tips. They asked all children to go home tonight and check that they have working smoke detectors in their houses – have you checked yours lately? For more information about keeping safe at home, please visit our local West Midlands Fire Service online: Fire Safety Inside the Home .

Thanks to everyone involved – we had a SUPER day!